Recorder News Staff

Montgomery County was awarded $77,300 from the state last week to improve their record management services.

State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, D-Rotterdam, announced that the county was among three local municipalities awarded the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund.

Montgomery County Executive Matthew Ossenfort said this is going to help further the county’s current records management initiative along. The county also received a grant in the summer of 2016 to digitize records management in the city and town of Amsterdam and town of Florida through an intermunicipal agreement.

“We are looking to extend that and expand that across the entire county,” Ossenfort said. “It allows us to digitize paper files and save office space and it allows for the quicker retrieval of files and also the management of content online rather than on paper.”

Ossenfort said the county applied for the grant several months ago and this is an annual process where they try for local government efficiency grants.

“It goes back to what I always said, we need state help to try and implement some of these big initiatives,” Ossenfort said. “To be able to keep continuing to get these funds awarded I think helps our ( Municipal Consolidation and Efficiency Competition) application because it shows that we can not only receive it, but implement it and are trusted enough to continue to get the support for the state. It’s been a very successful initiative for us.”

In addition to Montgomery County, the Town of Knox will receive $23,156 and the Schenectady City School District will receive approximately $30,600 for converting documents to a digital format to improve public access.

The Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund has helped fund  $250 million in projects for local municipalities to improve their services in regards to record management since it’s start in 1988, according to Santabarbara’s release.

“By funding these development projects, we’re helping our municipal governments meet their obligations to their residents, while also ensuring that the burden of funding these critical projects does not fall on the backs of local property taxpayers,” Santabarbara said in a statement. “Ensuring our towns, school districts and county governments have the resources they need to continue serving the interests of the people is a top priority and I’ll continue fighting on behalf of our communities.”