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Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - Updated: 5:11 PM

Youths address smoking issue

To the editor:

I work at Centro Civico of Amsterdam and I am working with Project Action in conjunction with a project to assist in stopping tobacco marketing to our youth. Part of the grant was to have three students write letters to the editor, which are attached.

Stormy Orengo

To the editor:

I am a 7th grade student, and I am concerned about other students smoking. I have seen that young people are smoking because of tobacco marketing. Many students that I go to school with stop at a convenience store before they come to school. There are two stores in the area of our middle school. Either way that you walk you have to pass one. In these stores the cigarettes and tobacco products are right where we can see them and there is marketing for cigarettes all over the windows. It makes kids interested in smoking and this is where 75% of kids shop at least once a week, and many of my friends shop there every day. I think that this is terrible; we have enough to worry about. We teenagers shouldn't have to worry about tobacco marketing too. If we continue the way we are going children will die because of tobacco-related diseases. I don't want to see these products in convenient stores or in my grocery stores either.

Thank you

Natasha Cabrera

* * *

To the editor:

My name is Krysta and I'm in 11th grade. I don't think Tobacco marketing should be in places where kids can see it. I know plenty kids who are already smoking cigarettes and they are younger than me. It upsets me to see kids who are the same age or even younger than me smoking because I know that they are going to have a shorter life than me, and even if they don't they are going to have a lot of health issues like cancer. I live by a convenience store and there are cigarette ads all over the place. I don't want to take my 8-year-old brother in there because I don't want him to see the ads and think that smoking is cool. By my school there are plenty of places to buy cigarettes. Cigarettes should only be for adults and should only be advertised to them. Not in plain view of children. Many kids in America die from smoking-related causes and I don't want to see my classmates die of lung cancer because they were smoking.


Krysta Ortega

* * *

To the editor:

I think tobacco marketing has influenced young people who may have a healthier life by not experimenting early tobacco use. There are some local stores near our school that have tobacco marketing and I do not like that some of my classmates have started smoking just because these stores have so many different tobacco posters in their windows. I understand that marketing is part of their business, but I'm asking they please stop marketing to the younger population. Tobacco marketing also seems to kids that it is okay to smoke when it's really not. It does more harm to kids than good. If you smoke at an early age, it will be harder to quit and it's not healthy for a growing young body. I don't want to become a next generation smoker and I don't want my friends to become one either. I also don't want to see tobacco marketing where I shop or hang out.


Jeremy Espinoza

Another good day of fishing

To the editor:

The fifth annual Walleye Ice Fishing Challenge took place Jan. 26 on the Great Sacandaga Lake, with weigh stations in Mayfield at Lanzi's on the Lake and at the Broadalbin boat launch. This winter's conditions made for ideal fishing conditions and a great day. The tournament once again was a sell out with 1,500 fishing enthusiasts with approximately 54 percent of participants from outside of Fulton County including participants from seven states. These participants spent money in our county on hotel rooms, fishing supplies, fuel, bait and tackle, food and refreshments, and much more. We are grateful to all of them, their families and friends for making our county their destination on that day and hopefully to return to Fulton County on many more occasions.

The continued success of this tournament would not possible without the help of our entire Fulton County community and its businesses: Bartyzel Inc. and Budweiser, Frank's Gun Shop, Frank & Sons Body Works Inc., the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce and its dedicated staff, the great staff and family at Fuel-N-Food, Lanzi's on the Lake, Powerhouse Motorsports, All Seasons Equipment, County Line Auctions, Final Reward Trophy, Doherty Window, Kingsboro Lumber, Greenscapes, Ross' Bait Shop, Jim's Bait Shop, Dave's Bait Shop, Beebie Printing, R&D Contracting, the town of Broadalbin, the town of Mayfield, the town of Northampton, the town of Edinburg, the New York state DEC, Maria and Beaver Ross, Denise and Nancy Stutzke, Jack Belknap, Ron Barnes, Rick Coyne, and many other individuals who helped in many ways to make this a great event.

We are thankful to all of these businesses and individuals. And we are thankful to our Fulton County residents who welcome with open arms these and thousands of other visitors as they explore the great resources of Fulton County.

Lou Stutzke,

Gina DaBiere-Gibbs



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