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Letters to the editor

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - Updated: 8:05 AM

A follow-up to the open house

To the editor:

In response to Pam Ritter's letter to the editor on April 22, let's see ... she has been on the commission for three, maybe two months. Ron Barone has been there for I'd say 40 years and also was on the commission. The open house did not go smooth, in fact I had to bring Alderman Ed Russo to the cashier for clarification of cart spaces. When Ron walked in trail fees were being brought up, the council shot down trail fees, and that was the main point. I also brought up that the last two years the course was in the black and the hospitalization figures were wrong, and Mr. DeCusatis did fix the numbers this year. The other gentlemen appointed to the commission (Mr. Wojnar) didn't even seem he was at Muni and doesn't golf. The mayor continues to show her lack of respect for the golf course by appointing the president of F-MCC to the commission, and I believe he doesn't golf also. I commend the council, again, on their support of Joe the Pro and the golf course that doesn't cost taxpayers nothing. How much will taxpayers pay for turf and electric, garbage pickup, etc., at Shuttleworth? Thank you Mr. Barone for standing up for us. (Also get extension for Joe the Pro.)

Sandy (Rogo) Roginski,


The assemblyman loses a vote

To the editor:

Six months ago, I need the help of an elected state representative. Thinking this was a minor problem, I figured I start with my assemblyman, Mr. Santabarbara. What a mistake.

Mr. Santabarbara has three offices. I called each one of them twice, leaving messages each time for a total of six messages. I also left an email at each office. I did not receive any return correspondence until I sent my seventh email informing them I would be writing my experiences with them to The Recorder. They were of no help. However, Sen. Tkaczyk and staff was wonderful.

Fast forward six months and again I'm in need of help. Again, I call Assemblyman Santabarbara, thinking he's improved his situation, but no. I called all three offices and left messages and left an email with the Albany office. That was over a week ago and I still have not heard from him.

I voted for this guy because the assemblyman before him was a nice guy, he just didn't do anything. Well, at least his staffed answered the phone.

I won't be voting for Mr. Santabarbara this time around. But I give two thumbs up to Sen. Tkaczyk. She's got my vote.

John H. Swartz,

ST. Johnsville

Trolling the canyons for money

To the editor:

Why would someone running for office in upstate New York be trolling the canyons of Wall Street for political contributions? Good question. One candidate you won't see turning to the big political action committees is Patti Southworth. Patti was a pharmacist for many years before she ran for office. Once elected she found that the part-time job was really full-time. She's now running for the Democratic line in the upcoming state Senate race. Where you will see her is out at local community events getting to know the people she wants to represent in the state Senate. I urge you to check out or, better yet, keep your eyes open and you'll be bound to meet Patti yourself. Then you'll see how exciting it can be to see your candidate win. We need a representative who knows us and listens to us, not the big bankers on Wall Street. If you get the chance, go meet Patti Southworth.

Polly Windels,

Ballston Spa


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