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Letters to the editor

Thursday, August 28, 2014 - Updated: 8:12 AM

St. Mary's nurses coming together

To the editor:

I'm a registered nurse in the emergency department at St. Mary's Hospital. I'm proud of the care that we provide for the community, especially since my wife and I are raising our four children right here in Amsterdam. It's one of the main reasons I decided to join with a majority of nurses at St. Mary's to form a union and join over 37,000 other nurses in the New York State Nurses Association. Every bedside nurse at St. Mary's should have a say in how we're treated and how we can offer the best care possible with fair working conditions.

There's been some talk about how this all came about and what it means for nurses to have a voice. Let me be clear: We, the nurses of St. Mary's, came together because we decided it was time for us to have a say in our future. We spoke with our colleagues about the issues we're facing and an overwhelming majority of us signed union authorization cards. To follow the legal process for union recognition, I joined a group of a dozen RNs to go to the CEO and ask him to recognize our union after a neutral organization (like the League of Women Voters) verified that a majority of us signed up. He refused. So we filed for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board.

We are now anticipating an election next month for all bedside nurses at St. Mary's to finally have a real say in our working conditions and in our nursing practice at the hospital. After our election, we're all looking forward to bargaining in good faith with the hospital management to reach a fair agreement. We love St. Mary's and we know that we'll be able to build a better future when we have a voice.

Mike Rodecker,


Concert for family was a success

To the editor:

I would like to thank The Recorder for the thorough coverage of the summer concert hosted and sponsored by the Mayfield United Methodist Church to raise funds to help the St. Louis family who lost their home in a fire. The story was one of the many ways we reached out to friends for support. Thank you Caroline for the interview and the pictures. This helped our concert to be successful. I also would like to thank all the performers and especially those who traveled a distance. They all donated their time. All the funds raised from this event went directly to the family. There were no expenses. All refreshments and necessities were donated. Thanks to all who helped us. This is what our outreach program does. Thanks again.

Ray Langley,


Giving credit where it is due

To the editor:

My deepest respect and appreciation to Codes Enforcement, Rich Miller and his department, and the DPW for cleaning up the three weeks of garbage, fining the landlord, turning on all the broken street lamps, and now redoing Bell Hill.

The redoing of Bell Hill and its one sidewalk will help to avert the constant threat of tragedy that exists between so many irresponsible motorists and all the pedestrians that had to walk on such a steep hill in often such poor weather.

Though our PD has still not given Bell Street the violation enforcement they agree it needs, we still need to express our appreciation for their 24/7 protection. Without it none of us are safe.

Seth Richard,


Voting is a guaranteed right

To the editor:

Over the past weeks, the deaths of more of the few remaining World War II veterans and a high ranking officer in the Middle East crisis, once again focused upon their unselfish willingness to protect the freedoms we all enjoy as Americans.

Among those freedoms is an individual, who is properly registered, the right to vote whether for a primary contest or local, county, state and federal election.

Voting is the guaranteed opportunity for the people to voice their opinions, positive or negative, about the issues placed before them.

Each cross in a military cemetery across America and around the world marks the final resting place for the men and women who died protecting our freedoms.

Whenever anyone who intentionally neglects to vote is insulting the memories of these brave heroes and that is a reality that cannot be ignored or tolerated.

Anthony Biscotti,



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