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Saturday, July 26, 2014 - Updated: 4:09 AM

All we get is more of the same

To the editor:

I'm so relieved that the Common Council has been dealing with the difficult issues facing our city. This year alone they have solved the controversy of those rowdy golfers at the municipal golf course and taken care of those bands of basketball players that have plagued our streets. Those basketball ruffians must have been a real problem and needed to be dealt with.

Really? Is this what we should expect from our Common Council to make Amsterdam the joke of the Capital District? With real problems facing our city should they be spending time legislating sports or should they be addressing the blight of homes that need to be repaired or raised. Have they authorized anyone to write a grant to deal with this issue or were they busy counting bags of grass seed at Muni. Do the police have the time or manpower to enforce the basketball ordinance? I don't think so, they have real issues to deal with like the 10 to 15 drug dealers they take down each month. Has the council even considered how they plan on maintaining police, fire and DPW without burdening taxpayers any more than already are? For the first time in two decades a major industry is interested in Amsterdam (casino) and do we have our game face on? No, the lead story on the TV news was about Amsterdam banning basketball hoops and that the mayor and Common Council were at odds over this. If they can't get together on basketball and golf how could they possibly make an intelligent decision on how to best put the $11 million we stand to receive from the casino to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure?

Unfortunately, this is Amsterdam: the place of bridges to nowhere, basketball hoops, and a golf course they can't manage. I've been waiting 20 years for this to change and all we get is more of the same. The only bright spot is that I'm getting closer to retiring that will take me out of the area and may be the only relief in site.

Jim Lomanto,


The other end of the spectrum

To the editor:

While visiting my former hometown over the course of the past few weeks, I have witnessed everything from the sublime to the ridiculous in the Amsterdam area.

The lush and bountiful community garden located on the Fulton-Montgomery Community College campus was a revelation of beauty, accomplishment and productivity. I toured this marvelous work of organic endeavor as part of a visit to the first annual Buck Moon Festival, hopefully one that will be a summer attraction for years to come.

On a lesser scale, but still noteworthy, I viewed a few everyday folks proudly beautifying their little segment of our planet Earth. On the corner of Bunn Street and Glen Avenue a young man was whitewashing the fence surrounding his domain, while down the road a piece on Union Street two tired but industrious ladies had just finished edging and landscaping their property which was set among neighbors' homes not being attended to with the same fastidiousness.

At the other end of the spectrum, I read articles in area newspapers and viewed segments on local television stations which stated the ridiculous: that basketball hoops are no longer allowed on city streets. I absolutely abhor the ignorant shortsightedness of a few denizens of the Amsterdam community who have chosen to disrespect, disregard and seize the spirit and zest of many of Amsterdam's children.

As the late Maya Angelou stated, "Each of us is meant to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." The council's decision has done nothing to offer even a glimpse of a brighter day, much less a rainbow, in the lives of the rejected and dejected youth affected by its decision.

How loathsome.

How narrow-minded.

How dare you?

Virginia L. Mee,

Henderson, Nev.


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