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Letters to the Editor

Saturday, September 15, 2012 - Updated: 8:11 PM

Playing the blame game

To the editor:

I have tried to remain silent the last few months, but recent remarks in the Recorder need to be addressed. First of all, I need to thank the taxpayers of Broadalbin and the loyal highway employees for all their support over almost 20 years for me, while I was employed as the highway superintendent of Broadalbin.

It seems as though the new rookie highway superintendent of Broadalbin tries to blame all of his problems on me. It makes me sick to drive by the highway garage and still see the head plow and the wings outside rusting because neither was painted and put away. In the past years this task would have been during April. However, instead of taking care of this equipment during April, the new highway superintendent spent his time trying to lay off the employees because they apparently had nothing to do during this time. It is now Labor Day and there still isn't any paving done. In the past years myself and the employees of the highway department would have already completed the paving and shoulders by now.

The new highway superintendent said he was going to save the taxpayers money. Well let's review a few things that's happened since Jan. 1, 2012. He cut down a bunch of trees causing the board to intervene with a court order for him to stop cutting down those trees immediately. It isn't the highway superintendent's job to cut down those trees without prior permission of the board. As a result of this matter, the highway superintendent has cost the taxpayers of Broadalbin thousands of dollars in legal fees.

In the past years myself and the employees would paint two trucks per year. Now, under the new highway superintendent, the trucks are being painted by someone else at the price tag of $5,000 per truck.

Somehow, the new highway superintendent seems to think that it's OK to purchase equipment parts from vendors without comparing prices, and has managed to purchase parts double the prices than they should have been.

The new highway superintendent hired two new part-time employees after he tried to lay off full-time employees in April.

And now the real grand finale. The town of Broadalbin's new highway superintendent has decided to forfeit the county contract for over $70,000. This contract has been in effect for many years and to the best of my knowledge it has benefited both the taxpayers and the county. The contract is now in jeopardy due to the new highway superintendent of Broadalbin not wanting to plow the county roads and therefore trying to end the contract with the county. If the contract is ended then only two things can happen next year: Taxes will go up and there will be less paving.

The new highway superintendent isn't saving the taxpayers money -- he's costing them more money. But for some reason which doesn't make any sense to me, he continues to blame me for all of his problems.

Donald R. Loveless Jr.,


The writer is the former town of Broadalbin highway superintendent.

Making it Crystal clear

To the editor:

It is with great sadness that I witness the closing of Crystal Bar Ristorante. Crystal Bar, as it was called when I was growing up, was more than a restaurant. It was there for all the seasons of our lives. It was there when I had my daughter's family birthday party for 16 years. It was there when we had a family get together after my dad's passing. It was there that we got comfort food after my aunt's wake.

We came to Crystal Bar for many happy times, whenever we had something to celebrate. Every year we went there for Valentine's Day, even the day of the big snow storm. We were always met with friendly people (Tony, family and staff) who made us feel comfortable and tried to accommodate our wishes.

To Tony and family who gave so much of themselves to this community -- from donating to churches, to school events and providing for the soup kitchen -- Amsterdam thanks you for this. We will always remember your unequaled pizza, which we ate from the time we were old enough to chew. We are sad but we are also hopeful for the future. Remember: This or something better.

We will miss you all. All our love.

Gail and Rick Vines,



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