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Letters to the editor

Monday, August 18, 2014 - Updated: 7:09 AM

Real independent men own trucks

To the editor:

Since the time I bought my first truck I finally realized that I did not have to rely on other people when I needed to get something accomplished. I have never gone without a truck since that day. So I have a warning to all you parents: Do not let your daughter marry a man who does not own a pickup truck. Everybody has a different upbringing in life. I understand that, but there is a certain personality trait about people that are similar to each other that do not wish to own a pick-up truck. I think it could be part of being lazy in a variety of ways like not wanting to make extra money, working around the house, and helping family and friends. If I am stereotyping, I am not sorry for what I say. I am just saying what I see throughout my life. So for the people I know that do not own a truck, and need help with something that requires a truck, do not call me. I am too busy making money and working with mine. Be independent like me and go buy a truck.

Mark Fiorillo,


Not in favor if the nurses' union

To the editor:

As a registered nurse at St. Mary's Healthcare in Amsterdam, I feel compelled to write this letter to inform the public, St. Mary's administration, board of directors, physicians, co-workers and New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA/Union) that I am not in favor of being represented by NYSNA nor any other union. I do not want my voice taken away and given to a union. Health care has taken many twists and turns and I feel RNs at SMHA have worked very hard to maintain high patient care, patient safety and compassionate teamwork.

The union and a handful of nurses went to the CEO of our health care asking that NYSNA be their representative, this is not my voice. I did not have a say in this matter. Not all RNs want this at SMHA.

There are issues that need to be resolved. We have gone through so many changes recently. It has been hard. We need to be heard to be able to maintain the high standards of care in a fair and truly compensated manner. But I feel this would/could be done more effectively in working directly with administration, not through a representative. I fell we have not exhausted all other avenues of conversation. Have we, as RNs, well-educated professionals, looked closely at being collectively represented by NYSNA? Have we looked at being represented by NYSNA, an organization that spends more than it brings in? An organization that has lost its ability to provide even continuing education credits for programs which are necessary for our evidenced based professional integrity?

So, to the public, St. Mary's Healthcare administration, board of directors, physicians and co-workers, I do not support NYSNA, I do not want them to represent me. I do not want them to take my hard-earned money to spend on their high paid administration. An administration that does not know me, this community nor the people we serve.

It is time to get back to work and to continue providing great, compassionate, safe care to our patients and work together as the team we always have been and to continue to serve our community with respect and pride, without a union.

Linda Bouton Jacobs,


The writer is a nurse liaison at St. Mary's Healthcare's Memorial Campus.

Auditing our structural integrity

To the editor:

One of the numerous positives provided when conducting a daily survey of the public's ever-changing opinions is how observant grassroots resident, taxpayer, voters actually are when seeking answers to issues being focused upon.

For example: Now that the casino bubble has finally burst, as expected it would, once again the prospects of Main Street, Amsterdam, becoming a thriving, vibrant global tourism attraction center has commenced to be seriously discussed, and in doing so, an important point was brought up.

What is the current "structural integrity" status of every building on both sides of Main Street that already is, and eventually would be occupied, especially the towering, long vacant former bank building?

Do the owners of the various sites conduct regular "structural integrity" audits on their own, or does the city routinely assume the responsibility?

If a structure has unknowingly become a victim of deterioration, it should be addressed immediately, otherwise attempting to create a new economic sound Main Street Amsterdam may very well end up being just another bubble that eventually bursts.

Anthony Biscotti,



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