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Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, July 02, 2013 - Updated: 4:08 AM

The roles of men and women

To the editor:

Once again, former President Jimmy Carter, in an interview for a magazine nobody reads, proved his ignorance of Catholic doctrine and thus made a fool of himself in trying to dictate to the church. Carter said that the failure of the Catholic church to ordain women is a human rights abuse. The last time I checked, there are no Eastern Orthodox priestesses, Islamic female imams, female Buddhist monks, and in some Jewish groups, no women rabbis, so I wonder why he singled out the Catholic church?

Simply put, Christ could have ordained any of his women disciples -- including his own mother -- but He did not, and the Catholic church is following His example. Ordination to the priesthood is not a natural right, not even for a man. It is a divine gift and a spiritual calling. By his remarks, Carter shows he doesn't understand the sacramental nature or reality of the priesthood. As a Baptist, he rejects the identification of the ordained man with the high priesthood of Jesus Christ. Priests are not the same as ministers.

Women will never be priests. So just where are they in the church? They can be found as pastoral associates, chancellors, office managers, directors of religious education and catechists, music directors, readers, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, religious sisters, lay missionaries, principals and teachers, and the greatest vocation of all, as mothers.

The Catholic church teaches that men and women are coheirs in grace and equal in dignity. But men and women are not the same. The church's affirmation that God has a meaning and purpose in the way He created us is a voice of reason and of sanity. His plan for the roles of men in women in marriage, as well as the priesthood, offer us confused people a compass point of truth.

Deborah Humphreys,


Acoustic party was a hoot

To the editor:

Let me start by saying thank you for all your support in the acoustic coffee house. In these times when everybody is looking for some good clean fun at a good price, the acoustic coffee house was able to provide that fun with many thanks to you and your newspaper.

I send this letter to thank everybody involved with the acoustic coffee house's fifth annual all free Party in the Perk Summer Special Open Mic. Thank you again for tremendous support over the last four years and for all your help bringing communities together on June 22, 2013, for an incredible day of fun, free live music and free food and beverages, the ACH could not of done any of this without your support.

On a beautiful, sunny Saturday, June 22, 2013, temps in the low 80s with a slight breeze, from 4 to 9 p.m. and for absolutely no charge to the audience, the acoustic coffee house held its fifth annual all free Party in the Perk Summer Special Open Mic at the George P. Snyder Park in Fultonville, sponsored by the Fultonville United Methodist Church. With over 200 people in attendance for over three hours, and 300 different people in total for the five hours, who stopped in at the Fultonville Park enjoying the 25 performances by 30 performers (with two new first-timers to the ACH stage), that were just absolutely magnificent.

The audience enjoyed hot dogs, salads, fresh fruit, chips, beverages, ice cream cones, a port-a-john and chairs to sit on thanks to Gloversville Wal-Mart, Hannaford, Price Choppers, Stewart's, McDonald's, NBT Bank, Fultonville Reformed Church, the Fonda Lion's Club, Wemple & Edicks, the Fonda Library, local radio as well as daily and weekly newspapers for helping publicize the show. Special thanks to the Fultonville United Methodist Church for all their support helping it be a perfect day.

Thanks to the village of Fultonville for the park, basketball and floaters was played throughout the day as well as the park equipment and swings being used along with the fenced in area for the real little kids to play, remaining safe while being watched by their parents who still could enjoy the live music. Pip Squeaks the Clown entertained children and adults alike with his antics, party games and juggling along with artistic face painter Cathy Carpenter were busy almost the whole event.

The day was blessed by God with only a two-minute span of very few rain drops, giving us some perfect weather for a free outdoor picnic with live music, and plenty of shade by 10 canapes provided by the Fultonville United Methodist Church and friends alike, the 8-by-18-foot covered stage provided by Howard and Wenda Bellinger and the County Line Rebels band, and the row of trees that were more than enough to keep anybody out of the sun and in a shady cool area (if that's what they wanted), while still being able to enjoy the show.

I love you all and I wouldn't know where we would be without you.

Thank you and God bless all of you.

Tom Staudle,


Big Brother is watching

To the editor:

I give Congressman Chris Gibson a lot of credit for standing up against these late-term abortions (murder).

I only wish the Catholic clergy would start getting more vocal. As far as equal rights are concerned, I am all for them, but don't make murder a part of them.

Big brother is already telling you Mr. Swartz, that you can't smoke, must have insurance, but now you want them to condone murder?

Tessie Haberek,



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