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Monday, July 28, 2014 - Updated: 7:02 AM

No feeling for the kids

To the editor:

It's time for a change. I get The Recorder but like most, just read the obits and sports. Today the headlines about hoop dreams caught my eye. I have a group of kids across the street from me. They range in age from about 50 to 3 maybe. They have a hoop that they place along our road and I hear the sound of the ball bouncing from when I wake up in the a.m. and it bounces me to sleep many nights. They just love playing and I enjoy watching. Those kids are not only having fun but they aren't walking the streets and getting in trouble.

I was raised in Cobleskill and we had a place to go called Teen Town. I played basketball in school and played all summer. There was always a pick-up game and leagues at night. We had a blast and never heard of drugs.

I read the papers every day and can't remember when we had anyone hurt playing in the street. This city offers very little to our youth and now take this away? There has to be more of a reason than was told us as to why these old fogies (I am probably older then they are) want to take this away. I am tempted to pay the fine if they want to play. Change it back. Do whatever you have to do.

What do our young people have to do in this city? I think it is a downright sin for our leaders to take this great pastime from the kids. I will not vote for any who favored and ask all who feel the same as I do to get rid of these old out-of-touch selfish people. Actually, I am probably older than most of them. I wonder how many hoop parks and even a Teen Town we could have built for the cost of our second bridge to nowhere.

It's time to get rid of everyone who voted to ban our youth from having fun, staying out of trouble, and being a kid. What's next? That's it: Close the pool before someone drowns.

Oh, one more thing. The local folks they are always playing ball so it isn't an issue about them having a problem with the traffic. I am totally embarrassed to tell anyone what our city did to our youth. You people who voted this down must have something else behind your thinking. You certainly have no feeling for our kids.

Hank Haas,


DEC forgets those who care most

To the editor:

In my opinion it's worse now and even getting worse for our rural lifestyle and worse yet for our deer and moose population in the park. Deer have not recovered yet from the doe season in the 1960s. I think the moose population that we are supposed to be expanding will be harassed from the new snow machine trails and will want to find new territories. Unfortunately, they don't realize there is no place to go and will be killed crossing the roads and cause car wrecks or worse. Moose have been known to attack snow machines and riders. Shouldn't the ones promoting these things be responsible?

I read DEC sets rules for Essex Lakes. It states a permit system required and no camp fires allowed. Then DEC and state designates 13 tent sites, parking areas, launch sites and wonders why so many people will use the area. They tell campers where to camp in the same area and wonder why all the fire wood disappears. Wouldn't it be better to stop modernizing wild forest and send those people to state campgrounds which are empty most of the time? State and DEC have closed free camping around Speculator and this forces these people into wild forest. In my opinion DEC and rangers like this because they will put more rangers on to enforce these new rules, eventually spreading them into the rest of the park.

DEC and rangers forget hunters, trappers, fisherwomen and hikers, people that care the most to preserve the park and decide to modernize it and ban campfires.

Lewis N. Page Sr.,



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