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Letters to the editor

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - Updated: 9:19 AM

Deserving a chance to serve

To the editor:

It doesn't matter to me that Diane Hatzenbuhler came to Amsterdam "from the South" and that she has lost two elections (Recorder). I support her as a candidate for the 4th Ward for several reasons: She listens to people; she studies issues; she cares about the neighborhood; and she deserves a chance to serve as our representative.

Jane Slezak,


Trusting those in power

To the editor:

One only hopes that a campaign will be based on issues devoid of the usual negative stone throwing by one candidate to another. Yet, like a bad toothache one hopes will go away, this campaign has turned itself ugly. I do, though, find it somewhat amusing that the chief demagogue, namely Supervisor Thomas DiMezza, is filled with such anger. One wonders what the underlying motives really are.

Could it be the pending dissolution of the Health Trust? Does it have anything to do with one's friend being removed as the consultant? Does it have to do that the county, under the former trust members, was charged consultant rates which have since been deleted? One only has to do the math. Where Empire, the health insurance provider, was charging the county $32.06 per subscriber, the consultant, with former trust approval, was charging an additional $26.50 per subscriber, or approximately $162,000 per year. The city, also part of the trust, was charged $38.29 per subscriber by Empire, with the consultant also charging an additional $17.93 per subscriber or approximately $75,000 per year.

The taxpayers will be happy to know, because of the changing of certain supervisors at the last election, that the consultant fees are gone and the taxpayers are no longer saddled with this. Of course the above figures do not include the consultant fees for stop loss, dental and prescription drugs which were quite enormous.

This same Thomas DiMezza, who was president of the trust, has recently signed a lengthy affidavit on behalf of the consultant or plaintiff, who is suing the city, county and current trust for over $1 million, or you indirectly, the taxpayers. I would hesitate to think my opponent is sanctioning these diatribes but have to wonder since this Mr. DiMezza, among several, was in his initial picture when he announced his candidacy. Also is he implying that his friends, who are supervisors, were part of the so-called financial mismanagement?

I am seeking this post, not as a lifelong endeavor, but someone who realizes that time is crucial. The major issues of high taxes, unemployment, job growth, state mandates, solid waste, and many more cannot be left to chance. One has to be aware of the everyday workings of county government as the hackneyed phrase goes, "hit the ground running."

The new form of county government, under the charter, spells out the duties of the chief executive. They are, to name a few, administration of county affairs and departments, execute and enforce all laws and resolutions of the new legislature, chief budget officer including the capital budget, sign and implement all contracts, approve or disapprove local laws and resolutions, (subject to be overridden, if disapproved) and make studies and investigations of departments under his jurisdiction.

This is not readily assimilated without a hands-on approach and a working knowledge of county government. Smiles and clever buzz words do not run a county. Do not belittle experience as without it we could not learn and go forward. As a county supervisor I have seen the frustrations, pitfalls and financial mandates the county faces. As an elected executive I will implement new ideas and with my financial understanding of county budgets foster new areas of improvement. If all the years I served were, according to my detractors, without substance, why was I continually re-elected?

With the current change to a charter and elected chief executive we now have elected separation of powers. Now the public has the say on who will be at the helm for the daily functioning of its government. The opportunity avails itself, for there is to be a new voice elected by the entire county, to develop policies and guidance to the various departments. You have an individual answerable by your elected mandate.

This is a great responsibility and requires a solid trust of those in power. The pledge signed by me and various candidates, while referencing what should be inherent policies, has taken this to a new level by allowing you to hold this document over our heads and expect its implementation. I agree with Supervisor Stark, if you want business as usual, reverting to government by the few and for the few, then I am not your choice. If you know that our future is at stake then trust me to do the job needed. If elected, I will not disappoint this bond between us and will be held accountable by you. Please elect me, Dominick Stagliano, for chief executive.

Dominick Stagliano,

St. Johnsville

The writer is a candidate for Montgomery County executive.

For the needs of the residents

To the editor:

Town of Florida voters Kim Lamont was appointed by the town board as town clerk and tax collector on Feb. 1 of this year.

From day one Kim has worked to bring order, continuity and accountability to the office. She is there to respond to the needs of the residents.

Kim also works with the board and other department heads to conduct the town's business according to general municipal law.

She is dedicated, trustworthy and conscientious. Vote for Kim on Nov. 5. She wants to continue on as your elected town clerk.

Linda Gilbert,

Caroga Lake

Ethan and the family say thanks

To the editor:

Ethan Allen's family would like to thank all our family, friends, community and businesses for all their prayers, support and donations for Ethan. Ethan's benefit on Sept. 8 at the VFW in Fonda was a huge success because of all the businesses, family and friends who donated and came to this event. There was more than 100 donations to his raffles and food from many local businesses. The pouring love and prayers showed us how many people love Ethan and our family are so proud of the community we live in.

Ethan was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. This is a disease that affects his respiratory system, brain and his muscles. There is no cure for this disease. The money that was raised will be used for medical necessities that are not covered under his insurance.

Ethan has been granted a Make-A -Wish to meet the Ninja Turtles at Nickelodeon resort in Florida with his morn, dad and sister in November. We want to thank Make-A-Wish from the bottom of our hearts.

We again want to thank all of our family and friends and community. With all of your support and prayers, Ethan will know how much he is loved and will continue to fight this disease.

God bless you all. Ethan wants to thank all that came to his special day. He also would like to thank Fonda Speedway and Glen Ridge Motorsports for the donations and the special night at Glen Ridge Motorsports in the VIP tower with Dobson Motorsports and the awesome ride in the pace car with Peeker. The smile on his face that night was priceless.

Thank you all for loving Ethan. Please keep him in all your prayers.

Ethan's family: Parents Robert and Jaime Allen, sister Madison Allen, maternal grandparents Vernon and Mary Ellen Francisco, paternal grandparents Wendell Allen and the late Theresa Allen, Fultonville


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