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Friday, October 18, 2013 - Updated: 6:03 AM

For government at its best

To the editor:

The voting season is upon us. For many of you participation will be non-existent. Unfortunately, the apathy and distrust of governmental entities has permeated throughout society. For a few moments out of our lives, away from reality TV, the train of government is fueled by your decisions at the polls. Government only functions by the individuals we entrust with our vote. Many times very little thought goes into the process. Voting is oftentimes based on friendship, political affiliation, who one associates with, fancy speeches usually with little substance, attendance at functions and a myriad of other reasons. The issues of importance are very often substituted by the process and diluted for perceived votes. These decisions are far too acute not to take the time to familiarize you with the candidates and their positions. One who does not participate in the process has little recourse bemoaning what transpires.

Over the past 12 years I have come to know Dominick Stagliano, who is currently seeking the office of county executive of Montgomery County. I do not take the functioning of government lightly and realize that the policies set forth impact our lives especially the ever imposing property taxes. Dominick has always exhibited a vast knowledge and intensity on county issues. If I inquired on various topics he always had an insight and willingness to listen to direct questions and opinions sometimes in opposition to his own. His prowess of the budgetary process is unequalled as he has digested and assimilated every page of the budget and provided an unbiased analysis. He has personally kept abreast for over a decade of budgetary revenues and expenditures. Dominick is meticulous on his voting based on research without consideration of political correctness. He is firm, based on the direction the county is headed, and is cognizant of city issues and has offered his assistance and ideas.

With the county charter taking effect in January and the position of county executive at the helm what will occur in the future depends on who is elected. This is a monumental change as the county executive will be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the government and has responsibility, under the charter, to interact with the legislature. Dominick has this expertise gained by 15 years as a county supervisor. During this time he has been involved in many major decisions and has seen the pros and cons of the county process. He has the best credentials to hit the ground running. We all know the necessity of having a working knowledge, providing skills, which cannot be found in a manual.

Is Dominick perfect? Of course not, yet who amongst us is? Will he weigh all decisions and listen to all sides? Without a doubt. Can he work with the newly formed legislature? Absolutely. Can he work with the department heads and county employees? Unequivocally.

Why do I respect Dominick? He has a character that cannot be compromised by politics. He will not be part of any cabal or special interest group that does not have your best interests at heart. His service to his country in Vietnam and construction knowledge provides him with the foundation needed to head the county. His unwavering political and work ethics, with tenacity, provides us with the experience needed for this task. His understanding that you the public are the ultimate chief executives and are the first priority is government at its best.

Who we elect must not be left to chance or disinterest. We owe a sound government to those that follow, to do less is betrayal. Do not be mired in a political process riddled with falsehoods and negativity. We cannot afford this type of campaign tactic but need to concentrate on issues and programs that will lead our county. Dominick has the foresight and dedication needed to foster success. I humbly ask on Election Day, Nov. 5, that you vote for Dominick Stagliano as county executive. Thank you and best of health.

Michael Chiara,


The writer is Montgomery County supervisor from Amsterdam's 5th Ward.


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