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Letters to the editor

Thursday, June 05, 2014 - Updated: 10:32 AM

St. Mary's won't be the same

To the editor:

Hello. My name is Evan Sawitzki. I am 12 years old and I am a student who goes to Saint Mary's Institute and Saint Mary's Church. At both Saint Mary's Church and School, I sing at the masses and liturgical events there. However, since I have been singing for the last three to four years, the joy of participating in Mass with Father Medwid is no longer. I am totally furious about this situation. Father Medwid was by far my favorite pastor of the school and church. Father Medwid had such a huge effect on my life. Father Medwid was also such a kind and positive role model to me, but, also to the whole entire church and school. I deeply love Father Medwid. He was not just a priest and pastor to me, he was also my friend. As I am not blaming anyone for this horrible tragedy, I am very sad, that Father Medwid has resigned. Because of Father Medwid, I looked forward to church every Sunday, and when I step on the altar I fill with joy. Now, after what has happened to him, church and school will never be the same. We still have an amazing priest named Father Polito, but, it is so different. I have been asking people, "How could people do such a horrible thing to such an amazing person?" I asked this to many people. Everybody would give me an answer of "It's terrible isn't it, or, I don't know."

Every Sunday I go to church, there is constant chatter, about how we are upset about the resignation of Father Medwid. For the people that criticized him, I definitely hope and pray for you, that you will one day see the greatness of Father Medwid. Every day, as I will always think about Father Medwid, I can't wait to see him again. So again, please, keep Father in your thoughts and prayers. I love you Father!!

Evan Sawitzki


Animal task force is important

To the editor:

Kudos to our Montgomery County government! A number of Montgomery County citizens have been extremely concerned that puppy mills are being established here. Not having anticipated the encroachment of mills, local townships were not prepared to deal with the problem. Step in Mr. Ossenfort, Mr. Dimond, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Quackenbush, the county executive and three county legislators. We now have a county task force to investigate animal abuse and a plan to create local laws restricting abusive mills. The plan is to have the task force comprised of representation from the county sheriff's office, the SPCA, and an animal shelter. A large animal vet, a small animal vet, and a legitimate breeder are to be included.

Montgomery County Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment was formed to encourage and help local government, both town and county, to fight the travesty of mills. At the same time, we'd like to keep awareness of the cruelty and injustice of these mills before the public. Not only do they involve animal abuse, but, also ill and poorly bred puppies end up costing innocent purchasers thousands of dollars in veterinary fees.

It is important for those interested in buying a puppy to know that pet shops and the internet retailers or brokers are suspected markets for the mills. For example, if you Google any purebred puppy, the same breeder (actually a broker) will show up on your screen. This broker claims to buy from small breeders who raise their "well-loved" pups in a home with children and much socializing. People are hired to write these stories. If you explore a lot of these under different breeds, a remarkable similarity becomes obvious. The pictures of these puppies are quite appealing. (Another site reveals complaints about the sick puppies shipped to unsuspecting buyers for thousands of dollars.)

The simple truth is that we do not want puppy mills to exist in our area. (Someday, I hope, there will be no such thing as large-scale, purely-for-profit puppy breeders.) They are bad for the animals, for the purchasing public, and even for the environment (disposition of waste, deceased breeding dogs, etc.)

The processes of government are slow, but, the wheels are now turning. Some areas have done groundwork already. Pennsylvania has wonderfully effective specific laws governing the quality of life of kenneled dogs, the conduct of sales and record keeping, and the limits on environment impact. Now, our Montgomery County leaders are moving us in the right direction. Again, kudos to the leadership.

If anyone is interested in joining our advisory group, Montgomery County Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment, I hope he or she will call 673-3737.

Jeanne DeValve

Palatine Bridge


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