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Monday, June 09, 2014 - Updated: 5:48 AM

Disrespectful and just plain wrong

To the editor:

On May 12, county supervisor Waldron offered resolution 29 adopting local law "A" of 2014 entitled, "A local law changing the number of coroners to be elected from two to one." He also offered resolution 30 creating the position of deputy coroner (part time).

Changing the number of elected coroners from two to one is subject to permissive referendum. This means within 45 days after May 12, you can get a petition with the names of 1,500 registered Fulton County voters, so that you may vote on this.

This restructure of the coroner's office, in my opinion, has the appearance of the PEP Program -- Power, Ego and Politics.

Appointing the second coroner will take away the voters' right to vote for the position.

My 16 years of experience as a coroner tells me that the coroner's office is sadly going in the wrong direction.

In May, retired Fulton County Supervisor Richard Ottalagano, referred to "voters can fight against loss of rights." He said, "We use a voter registration card and the vote." He said, "Get voter registration forms and convince others to register to vote."

I say, how can you vote for a position that has been changed from elected to appointed?

How many Americans gave their lives so we, among other freedoms, have the right to choose and vote.

The actions of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors is disrespectful and just plain wrong.

Art Simmons,


The writer was a Fulton County coroner for 16 years.

Cuomo needs to man up

To the editor:

Andrew Cuomo is a damned liar. Sorry for the language but I just saw his new campaign ad that touts record funding for public schools. This from the man who has brought public schools to their financial knees. In his first year as governor alone, he cut state aid to schools by $1.2 billion. That cut along with the tax cap he single-handedly imposed on schools forced districts to fire teachers and drop programs, and some are at the brink of going bankrupt.

You cannot have it both ways Mr. Cuomo. You did not provide record funding for schools. You cut funding and caused untold damage to every single school in the state. You did it. Now man up and own it. Stop lying and thinking we are stupid enough to buy it.

John Metallo,


Coming home to live and work

To the editor:

School district taxpayers actually make yearly investments that provide dual dividends. The first payback occurs when the students graduate high school and go on to the colleges and universities of their choice. The second payback takes place when the students complete their academic years and return home as well educated participants ready to successfully pursue careers in their selected professions, as well as taking up residences as future home owners, parents, and of course, additional school district taxpayers, besides becoming the usual city and county tax suppliers, too.

Obviously, the scenario just described here will only become a reality if the costs of a higher education can be handled by the involved parents and the people, both elected and appointed, possess the skills and acumen for maintaining the economic development tasks of making sure the professions, the job opportunities, the employment possibilities that must be readily available within the community already exist, waiting for the young people to arrive.

Right now, too many municipalities in too many other states receiving dividend benefits being produced by former GASD, and that's the major change that must be made.

Whether or not it's acceptable to some people, a global, worldwide, international economic renaissance environment is well on its way throughout the entire area, bringing with it numerous collateral motivational incentive initiatives that should encourage our graduate students to definitely come home to live and work.

If there are enough city, town and village residents who continually "stay connected" to the challenges ahead and they make sure the right individuals are regularly chosen to provide the responsible, representative leadership that's essentially required, our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren can surely expect to eventually reside in the type of community that they are entitled to.

Anthony Biscotti,



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Posted By: An Honest Taxpayer On: 6/9/2014

Title: Once a teacher, always a teacher - not good

Mr. Metallo is notorious for writing letters promoting higher salaries & more benefits for teachers & school administrators. In this case, as in many others in the past, he just flat wrong. Governor Cuomo has NEVER cut the actual funding of schools! What he has done is to reduce the outrageously high increases that Mr. Metallo, NYSUT & others demand. Granting an increase that is a smaller increase than the self-interested parties want IS NOT cutting funding. Like the 2% cap, it does not prohibit increases it simply tries to limit increases. And it has plenty of loopholes added by the State Legislature such as the exclusion of increases in pension costs, the opportunity for local voters to override the cap, debt service, et al. Anyone wanting to check up on Mr. Metallo might investigate the brouhaha he created when hae attempted to obtain health insurance from more than one of his former employers. He is also notorious for establishing his New York retirement benefits at more than $75,000 per year & then accepting a job in Connecticut apparently attempting to gain an additional retirement benefit there. Teachers are an extremely important part of our society but, in my opinion, Mr. Metallo has again shown his greed & his dishonesty by misrepresenting Governor Cuomo's record.

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