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Monday, August 05, 2013 - Updated: 4:09 AM

A directory of youth volunteers

To the editor:

Once a church youth conservation advocates initiatives program is assembled, and up and running, the first priority agenda item is creating a "youth volunteers directory" which lists the names, addresses, etc., of all youngsters in the community's middle and high schools who definitely are sincerely interested in participating in not only nature-based activities, but also varied endeavors, emergencies, natural disasters, etc.

The entire process requires direct hands-on involvement from the youth themselves regarding the initial creation of the directory and further overseeing its future use in preparing volunteers' assignments to help with upcoming impending assistance.

The existence of a directory like this, within faith-based communities, has long been a proven highly successful vehicle in bringing together young people and adults forming a joint volunteer cooperative partnership that provides welcomed participation wherever it should be directed.

One example: Within school districts severely strapped financially, and forced to contemplate making drastic budget cuts, directory volunteers helped booster clubs to conduct numerous fundraisers that received enough money to establish special emergency expediency accounts, which help the district to continue maintaining athletic sports and various other after-school activities.

The successes were accomplished because as soon as it was known exactly how many volunteers were needed, the directory's listings along with other adult volunteers, immediately stepped forward to face the challenges that awaited them.

Anthony Biscotti,


Wild forest and wilderness forever

To the editor:

Did you know tourist sportsmen from other countries fly into Alaska for hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.? Then the state puts on more troopers, boats, helicopters, planes and Coast Guard patrols and ATVs to watch over them. Some natives don't like what's happening to their state.

We have a modern airport in Piseco. Think how many tourists would fly into West Canada Lakes now, if it hadn't been stopped.

See those big long buildings south of Amsterdam? With a couple of additions they could reach Canajoharie and Albany. When the Thruway becomes 10 or 12 lanes wide this will give people something to look at besides farms and cows (if you like such things).

Mayor Bloomberg proposed $2 billion for a sea wall. Hopefully he will take some of that money for an Iditarod type of ATV trail around the outside of the Adirondack Park. Then we won't have to cut new trails in wild forest and wilderness. After all, we helped New York City out once.

Let's don't copy other state or national parks. Just lean-tos, trails and canoes here in wild forest. More tourists bring more problems.

Underdeveloped areas and small towns are going to become priceless gems in the future, especially with the modern world just outside the park. Yes, I know state and towns can't make money this way.

Some places are better off without extra tourists in wild forest and wilderness. I think some things should stay outside the park, like ATVs.

Wild forest and wilderness forever.

Lewis N. Page Sr.,



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