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Letters to the Editor

Saturday, July 13, 2013 - Updated: 4:08 AM

Taking up the initiative

To the editor:

This is an open letter to Paige Bertuch, Bella Porter, Brianna Ziobro and Reagan Schwartz, acknowledging their continued activities celebrating Earth Day, which received Recorder coverage a while back.

The Protect What We Already Have tree restoration program and their collateral division, Church Youth Conservation Advocates Initiatives Division, wish to congratulate the four of you for your Earth Day efforts. If you should decide to further expand your cause, and would like to consider proven, additional productive venues and free information is always readily available.

By focusing upon your accomplishments, The Recorder enabled each of you to receive the recognition richly deserved and perhaps motivate more young people to become active in similar worthwhile endeavors.

Church Youth Conservation Advocates Initiatives is an expanding youth-oriented program being warmly received in various faith-based communities. Sound, useful credible information and advise, is regularly dispensed to the parish youth (and adults) who make up the congregations of participating churches.

The primary subjects always concentrated on are the hot button issues of how our forests, woodlands and wildlife species are being increasingly threatened not only by a growing hostile environment, but more so because of unbelievably human greed which in itself if allowed to remain unchecked will eventually leave behind a legacy consisting of only desolate wastelands, where once majestic forests reigned supreme.

Faith-based communities have become the most productive centralized operational centers in meeting these challenges because enough organized religious entities within their borders are encouraging young people to take up the banner that nature with all of its obvious treasurers are considered gifts from God to mankind to be enjoyed, respected and cherished for all eternity, and should be totally accepted as such.

All it takes is just one adult person in a faith-based community who sincerely believes that all youngsters should establish strong ties with every varied aspect of nature to introduce the mission-goals of the Church Youth Conservation Advocates Initiatives to children and families via the places of worship that they attend.

Church officials, administrators and other conservation-related organizations may obtain additional information by mailing a written request on their official stationery, addressed to: Church Youth Conservation Advocates Initiatives, c/o 42 Pulaski St., Amsterdam 12010-5031.

Anthony Biscotti,


The yardstick and the crutch

To the editor:

In the article which I submitted about eating places, I neglected to name the older women I referred to as "excellent waitresses:" Kay Vollmer, Nancy Greco, Carol Greco, Edie Daye, Mary Mullarkey, Terry DiCaprio, 'Murph' DiCaprio and Ruth Rhinehart. I have omitted one name because she is still working in the same place for 30-plus years. Crowds do not seem to bother her. She doesn't rattle. She is a pleasure to be with and kind of easy on the eyes. If you'd like to meet her take Route 67, stop at Cappies, and try to find a booth. I hope the woman who waits on you has a name tag which spells Kim. You won't be disappointed.

Back at Shorty's, when I decided to have lunch there recently, I made up my mind that I was going to use my favorite yardstick to measure the operation in its entirety. That yardstick was Chuck and Carol Phillips of CP's. Seventeen years ago, my wife and I stopped at CP's for dinner. They hadn't remodeled the right hand side, so we ate in the small dining room. We both had fried haddock and a real classy waitress named Lois Austin. Since then, we have noticed whether it was Shannon, Lisa or Sue, who has been with the family in some capacity for 20 years or Bobbi Jo or Ethan who I've fallen in love with five to six years ago -- the quality is consistently perfect.

Back to my time at Shorty's, I met people whom I hadn't seen in 70 years. Mary Quandt, Mrs. Patterson, Mr. Egan and my all-time favorites Mr. and Mrs. Rocky McCune.

I was seated across from Mrs. Bryant and next to me was MaryAnn Riley. I assured her that my swan song would probably take place at her establishment on Division Street. But, I assured her, I was in no rush to leave this life. My immediate goal at the age of 86 is to reach 87. Long range -- I would like to attain the age of 94 and be shot by a jealous husband. Should I reach 94 and achieve this, that will be my legacy. I leave that for posterity. As for my viewing, Riley's has a very large area for this. I want present those people who like me, love me, worship me, adore me, are crazy about my writing and whose lives I have touched in a positive way. I want them all there, unless they are both sick.

To the victor ... I was despondent for a number of years due to my inability to handle any physical confrontation. I had no size. I had a heart like a lion, but about as much grits as a dressed deer. That is why my record was 0 wins, 36 losses. However, I was patient and I found out through planning that I could administer as much pain as I had been forced to consume. When word of this leaked out, it became common knowledge that anybody could whip Jim Sheridan, but do you really want to? You may emerge triumphant, but you would also emerge with a broken nose, a few less teeth or a hernia. So they left me alone. When this became known, I had several phone calls inquiring as to whether I got off the schneid and had garnered at least one win. I want to clear that up, right here and now.

I was very glad to taste the sweet wine of victory, as opposed to the bitter hemlock of defeat. This single confrontation took place by the car wash at the old Price Chopper building on Route 30. It only lasted 6 to 7 minutes, but I was victorious. I would like to tell you that I escaped with no injuries, but I had a bloody nose, two very sore ribs, and quite a bit of facial scarring. I have to be honest with you as to my adversary.

Actually, she wasn't that much. As she left her car, I made my move. She approached the trunk and was taking out one of two crutches. I knew right away that if I stopped her now with just one crutch, she would have no sense of direction and I would be on her like ugly on an ape -- and that's how it went down. I heard later her family had moved to Herkimer. She tried to contact me through my agent, T. McDermott, but it seems all she wanted was a rematch. T. McDermott told me to rest on my laurels. It took me a number of years to acquire this victory.

There's no reason for me to tarnish my reputation on the off chance that she might win. "T" further informed me to apply the following:

He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.

More to follow.

James Sheridan,


(Middleweight champion of Robb Road)


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