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Just forget about it

Saturday, December 01, 2012 - Updated: 6:49 PM

Now that elections are over what should we talk about? So here we are after the elections wondering what to write about on the first of December 2012. So here we are on the first of December 2012 waiting ... and waiting for something to happen. Better yet is the question of if we are preparing ourselves for something to happen or are we just going to wait? That's right folks there is something that is about to happen which has nothing to do with election results but plenty to do with you, me and everything in between. It's supposed to happen on one particular day this month which will probably take care of all our future problems such as high taxes, gas prices, unemployment and every imaginable issue that exists in our world.

On this particular day according to the Maya civilization Armageddon will take place where our present universe will be annihilated. In other words folks "we ain't gonna be here." Dec. 21, 2012, is when our world is to end leaving us very little time for end-of-year door buster prices and sales on every item in the store. So if you're looking for bargain prices on flat screen TVs I'd suggest buying nothing but the best and don't worry about the price. In fact I'd also suggest going for the monthly payment plan. Purchase it on Dec. 21 and never worry about another payment.

Recently I had a conversation with a gentleman as to all the scuttlebutt about our world ending on Dec. 21. The gentleman told me how he's been watching the History Channel and absorbing all this information on the cataclysmic event. Actually the gentleman's eyes just about protruded out of his eye sockets while mentioning how there's some sort of pattern suggesting the end is near. It does sort of make you wonder at times especially when an enormous storm comes in and destroys just about everything in its path. Maybe it is a sign of things to come, but why question or worry about something we truly have no control over? As always my curiosity takes over and through the flip of a switch I turn on the television to watch one of the numerous stories on this so called "doomsday" event. It was while listening to scientists and philosophers speak of destruction that I realized how we often forget about those little appreciative things in life. My philosophy which does not come from a philosopher is not to think like a philosopher. Instead think as if there's nothing to think about as in "forget about it."

Folks, I actually picked up this famous quote "forget about it" from the 1997 movie "Donnie Brasco" where an FBI agent goes undercover infiltrating the mob. The famous quote was used in various ways quite often throughout the movie. For example a circle of friends (or associates) might agree about something and say "forget about it." On the other hand one might also disagree about something and say "forget about it." Using it either way means something different or is it the same? Ah forget about it.

Since we have very little time left before Dec. 21 let's go over some of the little things we probably should never have to worry about. Now that doomsday is upon us should we be worrying about anything happening after Dec. 21? Ah, forget about it. Of course speaking to a politician he or she might tell you something different when it comes to any type of doomsday approaching us. Yes folks that's right a politician with their almighty power would just pass some form of legislation to prevent a doomsday from happening. It's just that simple. What? You don't believe a politician can save the planet? I think by now we should know our lawmakers like to fabricate ideas in making us believe they will work.

As with Dec. 21 approaching fast I think Republicans and Democrats should consider moving the deadline up with regards to an agreement on the fiscal cliff crisis. While our lawmakers remain distant on a compromise whether to increase revenue through higher tax rates or by limiting tax breaks and deductions other things are going on much bigger. Even with our world coming to an end neither side is willing to compromise. But of course in the end both will claim victory while shaking hands and pretending to be friends. I have one thing to say about our lawmakers. Ah, forget about it.

Speaking of fiscal cliffs we need to take a closer look in our microcosmic world of city finance. I'm pretty sure the Maya civilization didn't predict what would happen in the city of Amsterdam, but at this point why worry? Ah, forget about it. According to our present civilization of lawmakers it has been discovered that there has been years of fiscal mismanagement and neglect in the finance office. Are you telling me my tax dollars have been mismanaged all this time? Ah, forget about it. Now city officials are pondering the idea of changing the city charter where an elected position will become an "anointed one" -- sorry I meant an "appointed one." I'd sure like to know the truth as to where we are with our financial status. I just don't think the people of Amsterdam can survive a small town fiscal cliff. I guess we'll just have to keep waiting and waiting for something to happen ... like Dec. 21.

Ah, forget about it.

Until next time -- hold that thought.

MIKE LAZAROU is an Amsterdam native and a regular columnist. Contact him at


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