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Amsterdam, NY ,

Psychic medium Michele Lyons, left, does a session with residents Beth Coffman, right, during the Psychic Fair in the city of Amsterdam Saturday.

Biofield consultant and subtle energy researcher Lorna Reichel, left, explains the colors of the aura image for resident Cathy Pascale, right.

Casey Faustel, left, sits while intuitive artist Leiah Bowden, right, creates a lightspeak energy portrait for her using pastels.


Century Club Psychic Fair a hit

Sunday, October 14, 2012 - Updated: 6:49 AM

Rebecca Webster/Recorder News Staff

Tarot card readers, aura imagers, psychic readers, and more were plentiful Saturday at the GFWC Century Club in the city of Amsterdam.

It was the club’s own Psychic Fair that brought the eclectic group of individuals to their hall, and enticed many interested residents out for the day-long event.

As residents walked into the club, they were met by dozens of individuals who were there to share their talents.

Some vendors read tarot cards, auras, and palms.

Others engaged residents in psychic readings or performed Reiki or energy balancing on their bodies.

One of those was Denise Beyer, of Adirondack Autumn, who described herself as a psychic intuitive.

She gave 10-minute readings to residents.

She said she got into this line of work after she had been working in sales and would have precognitions of her clients.

She said she realized then that she had an ability.

“My grandfather taught me a lot about just being in touch with your inner voice and listening to it, so basically that grew,” she said.

“This is what I do because it’s a lot of service work, it’s a lot of help for other people and it’s a lot of relief for them where they can’t get that in other forms anymore because people are just so dis-attached.”

Lorna Reichel, a biofield consultant and subtle energy researcher, stood at the event engaging in conversation with passers-by about their aura images.

Reichel used a meter to measure the energy field around each person.

“In that field, in that energy, is where all the information about your physical body is,” she explained. “Which means if you are sick or really happy or have a lot of energy or a lot of vitality, whatever it is, that information in your field, the field that’s close to your body, it will show up when I do the measurements.”

Reichel, along with another aura imager at the fair, also provided information to those who had their auras read about what the colors in their aura meant.

Walking through the fair was Amsterdam resident Heather Delliveneri, who was waiting to get a reading done by an intuitive medium.

“I’ve had a palm reading done and have had my tarot cards done, but I’ve never had a psychic reading done,” she said. “I’m a little excited to see what she says and what she asks questions for or what she’s going to know.”

At the fair with Delliveneri was Perth resident Ami Daye, who said she too has gotten her tarot cards and her palm read.

“This is kind of new and exciting because you can actually walk around and pick who you want to go to and (decide) if you want just a psychic reading or to go to a medium,” she said.

She’s had good experiences with her readings before, she said, adding that it’s exciting, nerve-wracking and a bit emotional, all at the same time.

Inspired by a medium she had met, Jessica Betz has been learning about and doing Reiki for about five years.

“There’s no real definition of it, but it’s a Japanese term meaning universal life-force energy and as a Reiki practitioner, we have just kind of opened our channels to be able to be a conduit for the energy and to do palm healing,” she said.

At the fair, she would either lay her hands on or hover them over a person’s body to “bring the body back into balance with energy.”

Other vendors performed energy balancing and Chakra balancing.

Rotterdam resident Donna Ryan, there with her daughter Bree Laurella, has had psychic readings many times before.

Saturday she was waiting to have another.

Laurella sat with Ryan as she got her reading done and then got one done herself.

“It’s different every time,” Ryan said. “You really need to sit down and as they talk, write everything down because you’ll walk away and you’ll forget a lot.”

“It’s fascinating.”

The fair, which club president Kim Rogers called a "success," continued into the evening as residents not only got their readings done, but purchased jewelry and herbal scents, got massages and henna tattoos, and engaged in something different in the Amsterdam community.


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