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Letters to the Editor

Saturday, August 11, 2012 - Updated: 9:08 PM

Barbara Petersen says thanks

To the editor:

Seventeen years ago, I drove from my home in Duanesburg to Barkley Elementary School in Amsterdam, checking the school over as a potential job opportunity as an elementary principalship had just opened up at Barkley Elementary. Despite pleas from family and friends to not take a job in Amsterdam, that spring drive was the beginning of a 17-year journey as a principal of Barkley Elementary School and later principal of McNulty Academy.

Once I began my job and got inside the walls of Barkley and McNulty I discovered that the Greater Amsterdam School District should have nothing but pride for their awesome staffs and facilities. Inside both of those buildings, I found a family-like atmosphere made up of parents, students, teachers and support staff. I met dedicated teachers as well as custodians, aides, cooks and bus drivers who focused their energies on the daily challenges of their students. Their commitment to the children in Amsterdam was genuine and focused, always trying to do their very best.

I have been blessed as well as honored to be part of this community of teachers and learners. My personal life has been so enriched by families and staff that I was privileged to know and work with on a daily basis. I want to thank the community of Amsterdam for allowing me to fulfill my lifetime dream of being an elementary principal and being able to share in so many families' lives. I have been extremely lucky to work at a job that I loved and looked forward to coming to work each day. It really doesn't get any better than that.

Thank you, Amsterdam parents, students and staff for 17 wonderful years.

Barbara Petersen,


Veteran's family says thanks

To the editor:

I am taking this time to acknowledge the deep, dedicated efforts of Mr. Gerard F. Koller, director of the Montgomery County Korean War Veterans, and to thank him for his commitment to honor all veterans of the Korean War.

For many years, on July 27 my family, along with veterans of the Korean War and their families, have attended the annual remembrance day in Fonda. This has always been a very memorable dedication to all who served during this conflict.

Unfortunately, my brother, Andrew Rossetti Jr., was killed in action, and the acknowledgment of this ultimate sacrifice for his country at 20 years old is always such a proud moment for our family and the families of the other veterans who were killed.

I am again thanking Mr. Koller for all the veterans of the Korean War who help in any way to make July 27 such a special evening, and I would also like to thank all veterans for serving our country so proudly.

Carol Rossetti Iannotti,


Fixing the problems

To the editor:

I have the solution to the problem between Obama and Romney. Obama wants Romney's tax returns. I would suggest that Romney should present them to Obama in the White House. In return, the president would present Romney with the 8,000 pages of documents pertaining to "Fast and Furious." This would take Mr. Holder off the hook. Here I am a single-digit I.Q. who would get lost in a telephone booth, solving a major problem.

I will give the president all the credit he so richly deserves for bringing the price of gas from $4.20 down to $3.60. Now you can fill your car fairly easy and drive any place you wish ... except to your job because there are no jobs.

When my demise occurs, I hope to be going north instead of south. Once I'm settled in up there, I can observe the end results of the ripping off of Social Security and by then health care for a fractured skull will consist of a Band-Aid and two generic aspirins and "come see me next week." By then when one goes shopping, eggs will be $20 a dozen, bacon will be $50 a pound, and if you wish to purchase a pot roast, you will need a co-signer. Oh well, chicken one day, feathers the next.

For every problem there is a solution -- unfortunately they all are not pleasant.

James Sheridan,



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