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Caroline Murray/Recorder staff Some of the hundreds of items left over by New York state shown Tuesday which are up for sale today at an auction at the former Tryon Juvenile Detention Center in Perth.


First item up for bid as Tryon auction begins

Wednesday, May 07, 2014 - Updated: 10:23 AM


PERTH -- Dozens of curious shoppers trickled in and out of the former Tryon Juvenile Detention Facility Tuesday, scoping out hundreds of items for sale at a preview for today's auction.

The auction, offering equipment from four of the 40 buildings on the campus, continues until 4 p.m.

Adirondack Auction Sales is facilitating the sale, and all profits will be allocated toward reconfiguring the site into a business park.

"We will sell until everything is gone," Adirondack Auction Sales auctioneer Dave Eglin said. "Everything from soup to nuts."

The equipment in today's auction is a culmination of kitchen ware, wood shop tools, classroom furniture, and automotive items from four of the buildings which once operated as the girls' campus.

Fulton County Industrial Development Agency Director James Mraz and Eglin said a second auction might take place, depending on how well the first one goes.

Tuesday was an opportunity for community members to check off items on their wish list, or a chance to check out the vacated detention center before it transforms into the projected business park.

Among the crowd was former Tryon employee Albert Zierack, who retired 11 years ago as a mobile maintenance team supervisor.

Zierack worked at the juvenile center for 25 years and retired before the state shut the center down in 2011 in effort to consolidate services. He said there were hundreds of other items in the cottages and classrooms he did not see at the preview. He said the state may have collected the items before transferring the campus to Fulton County and the IDA.

"All the good stuff is gone," Zierack said.

IDA board member and Gloversville resident Joe Semione said the only items for sale were collected from the four buildings that will be demolished.

He said there are still items left over in the 36 other buildings on campus. Prospective businesses moving into those structures could potentially purchase the leftover equipment, he said.

"The new tenants can decide what they want to keep," Semione said.

Or, if there is another auction, those items may be sold.

Semione planned to attend today's auction as a buyer. He said he was searching for items to help him and his wife set up an ice cream stand business.

"We are looking for sinks, coolers, racks, mixers," Semione said.

Semione said he expected a large crowd at today's auction.

"We anticipate a lot of people coming here," he said.

Mraz said all four structures will be demolished as a part of the agency's plan to have the area shovel-ready by the fall.

"It is the area we are looking to re-purpose into the shovel ready sites," Mraz said while pointing to a 300-acre plot of land.

The first step in the project is to create a loop road around plots of land where the prospective companies could build their businesses.

The IDA also has plans to move water and sewer lines to ensure each plot of land would have access.

"There is municipal water, sewer, electrical and gas ... we are just trying to sell off stuff New York state left here," Mraz said.

He said another building, which was not visible from the auction, could transform into a business training center. The building is complete with an auditorium, gymnasium and an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The pool and gym could be used to benefit prospective businesses at the park, Mraz said.

"We could open up and use if for employees working at some of the facilities," he said.


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