To the editor: 

Good article in Tuesday’s Recorder by John Purcell. I commend state Sen. George Amedore for following through, as  promised, regarding the GASD Veterans Tax Exemption and errors attendant to its implementation. I sincerely appreciate his effort toward that end. I, for one, will not forget it! I would also like to thank his Administrative Assistant, Brittany Kolbe, who endured my barrage of emails with courtesy and patience.

I would be remiss in not voicing my disappointment with Rep. Paul Tonko who, despite being physically in the district for over a month, failed to acknowledge receipt of the packet of subject information that I left at his office for review and comment.

In addition, I am also disappointed with the self proclaimed “Veteran’s Friend” Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara and his office’s mismanagement of my inquiry by marking it as a closed case, for some reason. A subsequent email that I sent, initiated the reopening of the file. His office, in their defense, did make a couple of calls on my behalf to the school district and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, the matter stalled. I emailed his Schenectady office several weeks ago; I have received no response to date!

The City Assessor, in my opinion, has shown his bias towards all veterans when he stated in The Recorder article “These exemptions, although they may reduce one person’s tax burden, they raise the burden of everyone else in the taxing jurisdiction.” The assessor, a non-resident, by the way, will not notice any effect on his so called “tax burden” as he describes it. In addition, Mr. Cline apparently still considers extending the common courtesy of placing an informational ad in the Recorder as well beyond the parameters of his job description. Really, now!

Last but not least to Dr. Nellie Bush and GASD Budget Officer Kim Brumley; I appreciate your acknowledgments that you were both unaware of the legislation and its ramifications to those of us who were denied, in error, from receiving the exemption through no fault of our own; I sense no effort at deception from either of you. I nevertheless feel compelled to pose this question, however, What law, statute, or edict would be violated by granting the exemption in October of this year, provided Form RP458a and a copy of the Vet’s DD214, if needed, have been submitted?

Anthony Biviano