To the editor,

Global warming a hoax? No way, Jose! We just had 2 category 4 hurricanes hit the US within 3 weeks of each other, with another one out at sea.  This broke all records.  Why did this happen?  Because, in spite of our cool summer in the Northeast, the overall earth temperature is warmer, leading to warmer waters in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes feed on warm water, deriving energy from it, and leading to stronger hurricanes and massive amounts of rain. At one point, the barometric pressure in Irma was 922 millibars, extremely low, as 1013.25 millibars is the normal pressure at sea level.  So, not only are the winds and rain stronger, but tidal surge is higher, as well. The height of tidal surge depends not only upon the strength of winds and the tides, but also upon barometric pressure. The lower the pressure, the higher the tidal surge. I’m afraid that this is only the beginning, and we can look forward to more, and stronger storms in the future as the earth warms.

Of course, these storms cause evacuations, and damage homes and infrastructure, all of which cause us to use more fossil fuels, thereby feeding the problem of global warming in a vicious cycle. So please, conserve fossil fuels, give up methane-causing beef, and contact your Congressmen, and ask them to fight for our environment.  This is our children’s future we are talking about here.

Jahnn Swanker-Gibson