To the editor,

I can no longer sit here day after day and read the hypocrisy and hate spewed by the left. There is no better example then the letter submitted to The Recorder by Dr. Swanger, the president of F-MCC.

First, I will start with his hypocrisy.  Dr. Swanger touches upon the recent events that happened in Virginia with the white supremacists, and all the violence that came with it. I agree!  There is no place in this country for that kind of behavior! However, where is his same enthusiasm for all of the hatred showed towards conservatives throughout our entire country, specifically at our universities? We are not talking about one small event that happened with a few immature students. Nationwide, from Cal-Berkley to the Ivy League schools, conservatives are being beat up, spit at, and inevitably denied their invitation to speak at these schools. Where is the outrage? Is this not hate? Of course these radicals who are protesting the conservative  guest speakers are doing this to stand up against hatred and bigotry! Here lies the double standard and biggest form of hypocrisy. What the left and liberals claim that they oppose, is exactly what they stand for. The next time you talk to a liberal ask them if they believe conservatives and Christians have a place in their diverse world. They do not believe in freedom of speech and want to shut down and silence any opposition. That is called fascism!

Finally, I would like to close with some conviction. Dr. Swanger mentions that there is a fringe movement in this country that has their own agenda. He describes this group of people as white, male-dominated, heterosexual, and most importantly, Christian. The president of a college goes on to say that this group of people are led by hateful and bigoted people. Once again here is where the real hate lies. Well, Dr. Swanger, you can go right ahead and put me in that group and label me too. I am a white, heterosexual male who is definitely Christian. I am proud to be all three, and without God we are nothing. God is first in my life, and the day will come when we all will have to answer to Him.

Sean Dufresne