Dear Editor,

Apparently closing down roadways is the latest fad on the agenda of our local governments. A few years ago in the Town of Glenville they saw fit to permanently close a portion of Wolf Hollow Road which passes through the deep gorge area on the southerly end of the hollow.  They rerouted traffic over the high road without making any meaningful improvements to the roadway. The new roadway is severely substandard to say the least.

A few weeks ago, in the Town of Amsterdam, a public hearing was scheduled to get input on the idea of closing a part of Baldwin Road during the winter months.

Now we hear that the Town of Glenville is considering permanently closing the lower part of Touareuna Road, near Hoffmans. This comes after just repaving a good portion of the section in question. Some residents of the Cranesville-West Glenville area are beginning to feel that they are under siege. The targeted section of Touareuna Road  has been used by locals as a seasonal roadway ever since I can remember. I haven’t heard of anyone who has voiced any desire to see the road closed entirely. Local residents use the road as a viable shortcut to get to Route 5. Since it is closed in the winter there are no maintenance costs involved. Very little maintenance work  is done in summer. I fail to understand why elected officials feel they need to create extra controversy for themselves when so much controversy already exists.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Theodore Dick