To the editor,

Do you own a black cat? How long has it been since you’ve had any good luck?

We once again encounter the “yes, but” factor, which is “yes I’ve heard and read all the facts, figures and documentation, but only what I think or believe can be true.”

Therefore, the Earth is flat. Man has never really landed on the moon—it’s all Hollywood hype. The Earth has been invaded by Martians a la Orson Welles. Who remembers that one? Dare I mention global warming?

Were you born with sparkly, beautiful green eyes? How does it feel to be jealous all the time?

Just as it’s not fair to judge a person by looks, it’s unfair that some dogs should be feared, abused or repressed because of the way they look.

When I was younger, a Chow dog came out of nowhere into our backyard and mauled our precious pet who almost bled to death. Should all Chow dogs be “eliminated” or should the owners be held responsible?

Be sensible, people. Use your (not so) common sense; judge by individual traits and actions, not by looks. For example, not all green-eyed people are jealous.

Many states restricting pit bulls have sensibly rescinded this legislation.

Some children are raised with prejudices. Some animals are raised to be aggressive. In both instances, they have to be carefully taught.

Oh, yes. Nanny dogs — that is what pit bulls are called in England, gentle pets who love and protect their families and children.

Marian Sarchet