The Recorder

GASD apologizes to veterans

To the editor:

This letter is written as a means to communicate to all the veterans who qualify for the Alternative Veteran’s Tax Exemption from the Greater Amsterdam School District. A main goal as president of the Board of Education has always been to have open communication with the public.

First, please let me apologize to all the veterans who have been impacted by the latest wrinkle as it relates to the Alternative Veteran’s Tax Exemption from the GASD. As is usually the case, the devil is in the details.

As a Board of Education our mission is “students are the center of all we do.” However, as a Board of Education in the GASD our objective was always to do the right thing for the veterans. So now a lesson has been learned regarding the process of differing timelines and filing the proper paper work at specific times.

The GASD Board of Education remains committed to doing our due diligence for the veterans, at the same time there are specific rules and regulations that also must be met and followed by law. Take the advice of Mr. Anthony Biviano. Go to the Assessor’s office, complete the RP458-a; voice your displeasure with Assemblyman Santa Barbara, State Senator Amedore and Congressman Tonko. Our primary focus is to concentrate on student achievement and being fiscally responsible to the tax payer.

Again, apologies to the veterans. Please fill out the necessary paperwork and as a Board of Education, please remember that our intent was to do the right thing for our veterans by approving the exemption. As a Board of Education, we will need to follow the necessary steps written in law and everything will be completed once and for all.

Dr. Nellie A. Bush

President of the Board of Education

Greater Amsterdam School District