To the editor,

Life on earth, human life in particular, evolved to live in our current environmental conditions.  However, we humans are fighting against ourselves, changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere with our fossil fuel-generated greenhouse gasses, methane and carbon dioxide.  This, in turn, melts the glaciers and the polar ice caps, resulting in a change in the chemical composition of our oceans, which will effect sea life, ocean temperatures, and ocean currents.  In turn, the currents will effect our weather.  How very like a set up of dominoes, when one falls, they all fall in turn.

So, one wonders what this all has in store for us.  Rising ocean levels, loss of sea life, bigger, more dangerous hurricanes, wildfires, torrential rains and floods in some areas, drought in others, and spreading disease.  Does this sound familiar.  Look at the headlines, or look around you.  Hurricanes Sandy, Irene and Katrina, the torrential rains we have been having, flooding in Utica, on the Mohawk and the Schoharie, drought in California and Sao Paulo, Brazil, wildfires in the West, flooding in Miami at high tide, people in the Maldives considering abandoning their island country due to rising sea level, heat extremes in the Southwest, declining fisheries and die-off of coral reefs, Lyme Disease moving Northward, Zika virus, invasive vines and the die-off of pine trees in the Northeast.  This is just the beginning.  As Carbon Dioxide and methane increase and the temperature rises, will we be able to survive?  Worldwide chaos will be the result.  Our military is very concerned about our national security.  Meanwhile, our current government is portraying it all as a hoax, and presses forward with its agenda of environmental destruction, while helping to make more money for Exxon, etc.

We need to press our Congressmen to fight for our environment.  To save ourselves, we need to save our environment.

Jahnn Swanker-Gibson