The Recorder

Don’t blame the Pro

To the editor,

Put most of blame on the previous administration and commission that got the city into the cart rental business. As I find out the contract with 5-year cart rental negotiated by city has no out clause for the city (same as Mohawks contract which has no out clause).

Let’s go back to pre-cart budget. In the 2013-14 budget year the golf pro was paid $23,500 annually and he got cart rental money (obviously city thought he made $165,000 in cart rentals). He paid all his help that worked for him, he bought carts, maintained carts and fueled carts. Look at 2014-15 budget and you will see in mayor and department head budget $165,000 for cart revenue. (later lowered to $127,586). In 2014-15 budget now pro salary is $45,000 and the city takes over paying his staff as well. Seasonal help went from $87,168 to $106,940. (let’s assume the increase of about $20,000 was for pro staff). Cart rental cost to city is $28,000 per year (goes up to $32,000 this year)

So far it looks good except in reality cart revenue is only $58,405 (except now this year can’t even come up with a number because we have all inclusive walk or ride). Oops, previous administration is off by about $70,000 in revenue.

In 2015-16, the city figures it  is paying too much to pro employees and unemployment so let’s give pro $20,000 and let him pay his employees (look above it’s there).

Let’s finish with in 2013-14, the pro made $23,500 and paid his employees. No more revenue or cost to city. In 2016-17 city pays pro $41,500 more annually and cart lease rental fee is $32,000 and other expenses including gas which isn’t mentioned. To me (I’m not bad in math)  the cart deal is in the red at least $15,000 a year plus gas. No way out clause not sure if 2 or 3 years to go losing cart deal money.

I can go into other issues number wise, but I won’t. So I say don’t blame the pro. I won’t even go into Shuttleworth and Riverlink deals.  Don’t blame the pro!

Oh, it’s raining — must be pro’s fault!

 Sandy “Rogo’ Roginski