To the editor,

I’m told that current Supervisor in the Town of Amsterdam has a ‘Laissez faire’ approach when it comes to governing which means “let them do anything that they want.” Word on the street is that’s why four members, including the chair resigned from the planning board.

Has the zoning changed on cell towers? The proposal before the planning board for a cell tower 40 inches in diameter and 120 feet tall and only 12.5 feet from the road defied belief. Will the town be liable if a vehicle runs into it?

I wonder if Brian Gaudet of the Mobilite company would like this monstrosity in front of his home. Cell tower companies make huge profits and they don’t care if they decrease property values.

To even consider putting a cell tower on Golf Course Road, one of the more desirable residential areas in the town, is sheer stupidity. I hope the current members of the planning board make the correct decision on this issue.

Lou Mosher