To the editor,

From time to time, a letter is published that screams for a rebuttal. The letter from reader Sean Dufresne is such a letter.

Reader Dufresne condemns Dr. Swanger for being a hypocrite because he complained about the violence and hatred in Charlottesville, but not the hatred shown toward conservatives throughout our country. I just don’t know where to start.

Let’s start with hatred shown towards conservatives? Really? Where? Where has someone driven a car into a crowd of conservatives? While there have been instances of college students protesting and, by doing so, have forced colleges to cancel speeches by conservative speakers. But I’m not seeing hatred. Reader Dufresne will have to produce evidence of hatred. Where was a speaker beaten up? Just because you say it, does not make it true. If there is such a instance, that’s wrong also. So is preventing freedom of speech. But that does not make Dr. Swanger a hypocrite.

Reader Dufresne says ask a liberal if they believe if conservatives and Christians have a place in this diverse world. I am a Christian and liberal. My answer to your question is “yes.” Speaking of violence, what about all the violence perpetrated by the right? Not just the alt-right. Your conservatives and Christians at Trump rallies who beat up non-Trump supporters with Trump advocating such violence when he said” punch him in the mouth, I’ll pay the legal fees.”

In defense of Dr. Swanger, whom I do not know, reader Dufresne needs to look up hypocrite. A hypocrite is defined as a person who acts in contradiction of his or her stated feelings or beliefs. You calling Dr. Swanger a hypocrite does not stand up to that definition. Dr. Swanger was just stating his opinion on a single matter. The condemnation of violence by the radical right. (Neo-Nazis) In order for him to be a hypocrite, he would now have to state he supports violence against the radical right. He did no such thing.

Lastly, reader Dufresne, I’m sure you are against “radical Islamic terrorists.” Then, as a good Christian, do you call driving into a crowed of people a “radical Christian terrorist act”?

John Swartz

St. Johnsville