Cuomo announces $1.5 billion for renewable energy projects

ALBANY (AP) — New York is pushing a major clean energy job initiative in the wake of President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from an international pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday announced $1.5 billion for renewable energy projects such as wind, solar arrays, hydro and fuel cell to advance a state goal of achieving 50 percent of electricity from renewables by 2030.

Democrat Cuomo says the investment will produce 40,000 clean energy jobs by 2020.

106 arrested in drug clampdown

CANTON (AP) — A grand jury has charged 106 people with dealing and trafficking narcotics in northern New York’s St. Lawrence County.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says Friday the sting involved two drug rings. The suspects are accused smuggling and selling heroin, fentanyl and cocaine.

Police seized more than $94,000 worth of drugs and several weapons during an 11-month investigation dubbed “Operation Gravy Train.” Two dozen state, local, and federal enforcement agencies were involved.

China-built beer tanks on last leg of journey to brewery

ROCHESTER (AP) — The first two of 12 massive beer tanks being delivered to upstate New York’s Genesee Brewery are scheduled to be off-loaded at the company’s downtown Rochester facility this weekend.

The fermentation tanks built in China arrived this week in suburban Rochester via barges on the Erie Canal. They started their 225-mile voyage two weeks ago at the waterway’s terminus near Albany.

The tanks are 20 feet wide and 60 feet tall, making them too big to be hauled long distances by truck or rail.

Genesee says a truck hauling the first two tanks will leave the Gates canal area late Friday or early Saturday for the roughly 5 mile (8 kilometer) trip to the brewery.

Off-loading is set to start early Saturday morning.