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Iran points at US and warns of new
nuclear arms race

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Iran’s deputy foreign minister is pointing at the United States while warning that a new nuclear arms race and a new competition to modernize nuclear weapons are starting.

Abbas Araghchi told a high-level meeting of the U.N. General Assembly to promote the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons on Tuesday that working toward that goal “is a legal, political and moral responsibility.”

But, he said, “recently we hear alarming announcement by a nuclear-weapon state that it intends to continuously strengthen and expand its nuclear arsenal to ensure its place ‘at the top of the pack.’”

This was a clear reference to President Donald Trump’s comment in February that if countries are going to have nukes, the U.S. is “going to be at the top of the pack.”

London police release 3 men in subway attack; 1 still held

LONDON (AP) — British police have released all but one of the seven suspects they arrested over the recent attack on a London subway train.

The three men released Tuesday face no further police action.

The only person still in custody is 18-year-old Ahmed Hassan, who has been charged with attempted murder and other crimes.

The investigation of the Sept. 15 attack on a train at Parsons Green station has been wide-ranging

A homemade bomb filled with lethal shrapnel partially exploded, injuring 30 people during the rush hour commute. Officials said the casualty toll would have been far higher if it had fully detonated.

The Islamic State extremist group claimed responsibility but British officials have not confirmed its role.

Fears of Bali volcano eruption spark
exodus of 75,000

BALI, Indonesia (AP) — Warnings that a volcano on the Indonesian tourist island of Bali will erupt have sparked an exodus of more than 75,000 people that is likely to continue to swell, the country’s disaster agency said Tuesday.

Authorities have ordered the evacuation of villagers living within a high danger zone that in places extends 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) from Mount Agung’s crater. But people further away are also leaving, said National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.

The region is being rattled daily by hundreds of tremors from the mountain, which volcanologists say indicates a high chance of an eruption. Mount Agung last erupted in 1963, killing about 1,100 people.

Evacuees are taking shelter at more than 370 sites across the island that include temporary camps, sport centers, village halls and the houses of friends and relatives.

Ireland to hold referendum on lifting
abortion ban in 2018

LONDON (AP) — Ireland’s prime minister says the country will hold a referendum on lifting its constitutional ban on abortion in May or June.

Leo Varadkar told lawmakers on Tuesday that the government has agreed an “indicative timeline” for the vote on the Eighth Amendment to the Irish constitution.

The 1983 amendment commits authorities to defend equally the right to life of the mother and unborn child, giving largely Roman Catholic Ireland the strictest abortion ban in Europe. Abortion is legal only in rare cases where the mother’s life is in danger.

Several thousand Irishwomen travel each year for abortions in neighboring Britain.

Ireland’s parliament still has to approve a bill authorizing the referendum.

Varadkar also announced plans for referendums on issues including Ireland’s blasphemy law and its restrictive divorce laws.