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Sundae on the Farm set for Honorone Farm


Recorder News Staff

CANAJOHARIE — Families interested in learning what a farmer’s life is really like have the opportunity to find out from the Ryan family this Sunday.

The 17th annual Sundae on the Farm will take place from noon to 4 p.m at Scott and Kathie Ryan’s farm, Honorone Farm, located at  744 Latimer Hill Road.

“We will open it up so people can see what we do out here and how we take care of our animals,” Kathie Ryan said.

The free event is sponsored by the Montgomery County Farm Bureau. The county Soil and Water Conservation District assists with planning as well as other volunteers.

“People will have the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of farming,” Agriculture Economic Development Coordinator Julicia Godbout of soil water said. “There will be educational activities, food, animals and a meet and greet with the owners.”

Godbout said the purpose of the event is to educate community members about agriculture so they can learn where their food comes from and understand what a farmer’s life is really like.

“To really just get a hands on, fun, educational opportunity,” she said.

A booth will be set up to provide some history of Honorone Farm and guests will have the opportunity to tour the dairy farm, go inside the barns and ask questions.

Stewart’s Shops will be providing free ice cream sundaes. There will be a petting zoo and horse drawn rides. Godbout said there will be local agricultural businesses who assist farmers such as a veterinarian and nutritionist. A milking contest will take place at 3 p.m. and local school representatives such as principals, superintendents or teachers will be competing. Godbout said they will be competing to have bragging rights as “best milker in their school.”

“We want to be advocates for agriculture,” Ryan said.

During the tours, she said people will be able to learn how they take care of their animals from birth to the milking herd and also how they produce a quality product. Ryan said they will have a row of equipment with signs that show their replacement costs so the public gets an idea of the cost it takes to run a farm. She said posters will show fun facts about milk and on a more serious side they will discuss farmland preservation and farmland as a natural resource.

“We are excited, we are hoping for a good day and good turn out and that people will come and enjoy our farm and see what we do here and maybe have a little bit of a better understanding of agriculture,” Ryan said.