Morgan Frisch/Recorder Staff

Montgomery County Legislative Chairman Roy Dimond, District 5 Legislator Daniel Wilson and District 6 Legislator John Duchessi pictured Tuesday during the legislature’s monthly meeting.


Recorder News Staff

FONDA — Montgomery County Legislators passed a resolution Tuesday that will provide increased revenues for renting out equipment.

The resolution authorizes Montgomery County Executive Matthew Ossenfort to sign an agreement with GottaDo Contracting LLC, which is the current operator at transfer stations in Sprakers and Amsterdam. GottaDo requested to use the county-owned equipment on the premises, such as a push mower, generator, snow blower, pressure washer and backhoe. The company would pay $1,708.25 monthly. This would provide a $20,505 yearly revenue to the county.

District 9 Legislator Robert Purtell asked for more of an explanation on the resolution.

Montgomery County Attorney Meghan Manion said part of the initial discussion was that GottaDo wanted to rent county equipment, but this requires a resolution. She said the agreement would provide approximately $1,700 per month coming back to the county.

Purtell was concerned with liability and what were to happen if they wrecked any equipment.

“Are we in the same position if we approve this or disapprove this?” he asked Manion.

She said GottaDo owes insurance coverage, bonding for the equipment, as well as an insurance policy on the equipment. Manion said the company would be subject to regular checks by Montgomery County Department of Public Works Commissioner Eric Mead.

“To ensure the equipment is not being abused,” she said.

Purtell questioned where the county draws the line in regards to who is responsible, to which Manion said they have multiple insurance policies in place.

“I’m concerned about our liability as the owner of the equipment there that’s 10 to 15 years old in questionable condition,” Purtell said. “Are they taking responsibility for it and in the state that it’s in?”

Manion said there’s strict coverage and she estimated within 10 to 15 days, it needs to be replaced in the satisfaction of the DPW commissioner.

Mead said if he or someone in his office isn’t notified within a certain period of time or he finds out upon inspection the equipment is damaged, the company will be responsible to replace the equipment based on the value prior to signing the contract.

Legislators’ passed the resolution with eight votes. District 2 Legislator Brian Sweet was absent.

In other business, Legislators’ amended and then approved a resolution that would increase the district attorney’s salary for 2017.

According to the resolution, full-time district attorneys, under judiciary law, are to receive the same salary as the county judge of the county in which they serve.

Under state legislation that took effect April 1, the county judge salary is fixed at $185,147, meaning the district attorney salary will coincide, according to the resolution.

Montgomery County Legislative Chairman Roy Dimond requested to amend the resolution so the $1,797 needed to increase the district attorney’s salary would not come out of the fund balance.

“The only thing I’m changing is where the money is coming from,” he said. “So instead of the fund balance we are taking in from their own budget.”

District 6 Legislator John Duchessi questioned the nature of the vote and what would happen if the county did not pass the resolution.

“We have no choice,” Dimond said, “as (District 1 Legislator Martin) Kelly pointed out last week, it’s a state mandate.”

Kelly voted no towards approving the resolution. During a committee meeting, he said if the state wants to mandate something, they should fund it.

The full board also passed a resolution for Ossenfort to execute a release with Gallagher Basset, National Fire Insurance Company of Hartford and McKee Risk Management. On July 9 the Montgomery County Jail was damaged due to a lighting strike and a release has been negotiated to settle all claims for the damage. The county will be receiving $200,000 in exchange for a release of all claims.