Recorder News Staff

The Amsterdam Rotary Club is seeking to bring some magic to the community this summer with its “Wish Upon the Stars” variety show.

A casting call for the 19th annual event will be held April 25 at the Carondelet Pavilion auditorium, 380 Guy Park Ave., at 7 p.m. The show’s co-directors Bill Nelson and Stephanie Boice will hold auditions.

St. Mary’s Healthcare President and CEO Victor Giulianelli, a Rotarian who helps produce the show, said the group decided to hold the event over the summer this year. He said the show’s directors remembered how the city Recreation Department used to hold summer shows, featuring kids that always had great attendance.

Considering this year’s theme will have a lot of Disney-inspired music and comedy, it was decided to hold the show in July. Giulianelli said during the first few years of the show they included an all-star kids chorus from all the elementary schools in the city and this year, the club is bringing that back. He said young men and women who have been in the show in the past will perform as well as people from last year’s event.

“I think it’s going to be a great mixture of veterans of the show, new people, people coming back, kids and you can’t go wrong with the theme,” he said.

The Variety Show fundraiser started in 1998. Giulianelli said some Rotarians and a lot of the people from the community try out because they have show much fun and excitement during the event.

Nelson said the show is something that members of the organizing committee from the Rotary Club propose and then they have a few meetings to “hash out the theme.” Past themes have been country, Las Vegas and an awards show.

“We have wide variety of subjects or topical areas that we have tackled through the years,” Giulianelli said.

The show is scheduled for Saturday, July 14, and Sunday, July 15, which will be a matinee.

Nelson said all interested people are welcome to the casting call, whether they are a returning member or someone brand new. He said there will be some limited dancing, movement as well as choral and solo singing. Giulianelli said information will be available at the casting call regarding the show, opening and closing acts, as well as rehearsal dates, times and locations. He expects approximately 40 adults and 20 children to participate in the event this summer.

Rotary President Anne Boles said the show will be wonderful to see with family of all ages.

“The songs will make you sing and dance in your chair,” she said. “I am very excited to be part of the show and can’t wait for the community to see it in July.”

Nelson said the Variety Show will bring plenty of laughs and special effects to the stage.

“We certainly hope that this show will bring people to the AHS auditorium in July because of the promise of hearing their favorite Disney hits done with the vibrancy of the rotary show cast,” he said.