Recorder News Staff

HAGAMAN — Five people are contending for three village trustee positions in this coming Tuesday’s election.

Incumbent Paul J. Fryzel, John J. Hassfurter III, Michael W. Purtell, Robin A. Ricci and Paula Baldwin are running for the positions.

Two of the trustee seats are four-year terms and the third seat is to fill former trustee Rodney Kowalczyk’s two-year term. He resigned in December. Mayor Robert T. Krom is running for re-election, unopposed.

Virginia Salamack, village clerk, said the first two candidates with the most votes will get the four-year term and the third person will get the two-year term.

Fryzel has been serving four years and has lived in the village his entire life. He ran for the position after a number of people suggested he get involved, Fryzel said.

Fryzel has been a member of the village fire department for 50 years and is also involved with the department of public works. He said he is out with the crews while they are working and sometimes does flagging for them.

“It’s a nice little close knit group up there in the village and it’s a pleasure to work with them,” he said.

Fryzel said the board of trustees just finished working on an updated noise law, purchased a new DPW garage that has more efficient heat and tries to keep taxes down.

“It’s more like family [in Hagaman],” Fryzel said. “Everybody knows everybody and everyone asks how you are doing. It’s real close-knit as far as I’m concerned.”

Hassfurter has previously served as mayor and trustee and has been the president of the village historical society since 2010. Hassfurter has also been president of the former YMCA Board of Directors and volunteered at the village fire department for the past three years.

“I like giving back to the community, I like volunteering,”  Hassfurter said.

If elected, he would like to help repair the village’s civic center, also the village office on N. Pawling Street.

“My roots go back here for many, many, years in the village of Hagaman,” he said. “It’s a beautiful community.”

Hassfurter said Hagaman is unique, has little crime, truck traffic and the roads are always kept up.

“There’s an opening and I’m gonna throw my hat back in it and see what happens,” he said.

Purtell said he has lived in the village close to 30 years and in that time has developed a lot of his own ideas and opinions.

“I figured it was just time to put these ideas and opinions to work, hopefully to see if I could help the village out,” he said.

Taxes and the budget are two topics he would like to assist with if elected. Purtell said the village has a lot of potential.

“I would love to see the village be turned into something that would a postcard type village, a showcase type,” he said.

Purtell said he’s loved living in the community for the past 30 years.

“I walk the village everyday,” he said. “I’m in touch with a lot of people in the community and I think I can help out.”

Ricci and Baldwin could not be reached for comment at the time of publication.

The election will take place Tuesday in the village office at 86 N. Pawling St. from noon to 9 p.m.