For the Recorder

CANAJOHARIE — A public hearing took place at the Canajoharie Municipal Building Tuesday evening regarding the village of Canajoharie’s proposed performance zoning code, which, if adopted, will regulate commercial and manufacturing areas in the village.

“We have very loose regulations. We are concerned with what could possibly go in the Beech-Nut site,” Mayor Francis Avery said. Avery worked on the code alongside the Canajoharie Planning Board for the past six months.

The code, he said, provides, “a way to try to regulate this site, because right now, we could have a garbage transfer station in the middle of downtown.”

“We think it’s a very viable proposal,” he said.

The code includes wide-reaching restrictions pertaining to noise, smoke and other particulate matter, waste and its discharge and disposal, radioactivity and electromagnetic disturbances, fire and explosion hazards, odor, toxic or noxious matter, and vibrations.

The code is also concerned with the appearance of the lot 29 site, detailing landscaping standards with the goal of making sure that, according to Planning Board Member Sheryl Neal, “anything that’s used there fits into a pleasant exit 29 look instead of just being a mess.”

Neal said in drafting the code, which also contains potential permitted uses for the lot, the planning board reviewed similar codes adopted elsewhere.

She said the law also allows for future occupants to submit plans for planning board approval.

“We’re simply trying to ensure and regulate the downtown area,” Avery said. “We want the Beech-Nut area, specifically, redeveloped. But, we have to be somewhat careful. We have but one chance to get this right, and that’s what we’re fervently trying to do.”