For The Recorder

FORT PLAIN — An unidentified male, 33, and female, 45, were found dead in the village on Feb. 3, each the likely victim of a drug overdose.
Interim Police Chief Ryan Austin said he doesn’t want to speculate regarding the victims’ cause of death until toxicology reports have been reviewed, but evidence gathered at the scene, including drug paraphernalia, led attending officers to conclude the victims overdosed.
On the morning of Feb. 3, Emergency Medical Service personnels and police responded to a call of a possible “unattended” person at 32 Orchard St. and noticed the subjects appeared to be deceased, Austin said.
Austin said the Fort Plain Police Department is currently unsure of the relationship between the victims and an investigation is ongoing.
He also noted there were other individuals present at the time the bodies were discovered.
If toxicology results indicate overdoses, Austin said the police will attempt to track down the source of the drugs, noting that the department is already engaged in drug-related investigations in the village, the goal being to curtail local use.
“Unfortunately, it is an epidemic, and it’s tough to fight,” Austin said. “We’ll double down on our efforts to track down who is selling this stuff.”
He said the goal is to arrest them and bring them to justice.
Fort Plain Police officers receive continuing drug-related education, which includes information about what to look for in tracking down drugs, interview tactics, and methods to root out the main source to, according to Austin, “cut the head off the snake, if you will.”
“It’s very unfortunate that people lost their lives,” Austin said. “But, we will continue to educate the public and the people the best that we can.”