Recorder News Staff

FONDA — The county could be seeing a new Stop DWI Coordinator, who officials described as “respected” and a “good fit” for the position.

The Montgomery County Legislature Public Safety Committee appointed Jeffrey Kaczor as the new Stop DWI Coordinator Wednesday. The full board will vote on the resolution Tuesday.

Kaczor previously held the position as Rural Grove fire chief and currently is the chief deputy emergency management director.

Montgomery County Emergency Management Director Jeff Smith said a Stop DWI Coordinator manages the revenue that comes into the Stop DWI program through fines and revenues collected through the court system and provides related education to county residents. The coordinator also manages the law enforcement agencies in the county for the Stop DWI money that’s shared to do concentrated patrol efforts to try to limit and reduce the number of driving under the influence offenses.

“Which will hopefully help reduce the number of accidents resulting in personal injuries and fatals,” Smith said.

The coordinator is also responsible for providing an annual DWI action plan and has to communicate with the governor’s traffic committee and people in other counties. The position has a base salary of $15,000.

District 9 Legislator Robert Purtell asked if this was a new position.

County Executive Matthew Ossenfort said Kaczor would be taking over the position for Smith, who has been “serving multiple roles.” Ossenfort said Smith would have more time to focus on emergency management items.

District 3 Legislator Roy Dimond agreed with Ossenfort and Smith’s choice for the position.

“I couldn’t think of anyone better to head this program,” he said.

Smith spoke for Kaczor, who was unable to attend the meeting.

“He sends his apologies, his full time job caused him to work late this evening or he would be here,” Smith said.

Kaczor asked to relay to the legislature his promise to bring dignity to the position.

“I can speak for his work ethic and character without question,” Smith said.

Several resolutions were also approved by the Public Safety Committee, to move to the full board. This included an agreement with Eastern Medical Support, LLC for provision of medical services for inmates at the Montgomery County Jail, not exceeding $106,960.35 per year. The second resolution authorized Ossenfort to sign a contract for dental services in the jail with Daniel Kana, DDS of Bedford, NH. The rate is $1,750 per month. The funds cannot exceed $21,000 annually.

Montgomery County Sheriff Michael Amato said they are required to provide dental needs for inmates.

“For probably close to 25 years, we have been contracting with this company to come into the jail and do the work,” he said. “It’s secure and safer for us, it’s cheaper because we do not have to take them out of the facility. They come once or twice a month and they take care of the inmates. Their price has been the same for probably five or six years now.”

The committee also approved supporting an inter-municipal agreement for services from the Amsterdam Fire Department. The financial impact for the resolution is $10,000, but the budget was already approved in the 2017 budget. The paperwork will be processed for payment to the city once the agreement is signed.