The Recorder

Tribes Hill Iroquois Seniors – Sept. 7

Tribes Hill Iroquois Seniors began their Sept. 7 meeting at 10 a.m. with a social hour hosted by Tony and Emily Scott and Beverly Fox.

President Meyers called the meeting to order at 11 a.m. and Chaplain Barbara Furman led the members in an opening prayer, Pledge of Allegiance followed by a reading “Influence”.

Roll call was taken by acting Vice President Barbara Furman with 36 members present and one guest, Addie Forsey.

President Meyers announced the birthdays for September: Lu Wilmot, Sept. 4;  Janice Lewek and Pat Schwsartz, Sept. 16; Anita Bush, Sept. 19; Joel Szabo, Sept. 20; Tony Scott, Sept. 24; and Martha Hensel, Sept. 29.

The minutes of the Aug. 31 meeting were read and approved, after a correction was made in the winners of the raffle, with a motion by Emily Scott and Allan Taylor.

The treasurer’s report was read and will be filed for audit.

OFA — Barbara Furman reported that the OFA picnic will be Sept. 15.

Trip Committee – Pat Schwartz- Nothing to report until time is closer to our trip to Cracker Barrel and shopping on Nov. 16.

Lu Wilmot reported that her trip to Freisans Majesty is on for Sept 12 and the bus will leave from Fonda.

Sunshine — Rose Garguilo reported that no cards were sent this week

Social – Pam Jasewicz reported that the auction is today and we have also been collecting for school supplies. The Halloween Party will be Nov 2, 2018. Pat Schwartz and Anita Bush will help Pam Jasewicz with decorating the hall.  December will be our Christmas Party and also a candy meeting.

Next week we will have a speaker from the Sheriff’s office DARE program

50/50 Raffle winners were Martha Hensel and Vonnie Gutowski.

Katherine Downing had a reading.

The meeting was adjourned with a motion by Nora Olander and Mary Hart.

Chaplain Barbara Furman gave a food blessing and closing prayer.

Following the meeting, lunch was had and a fun auction was held.