The Recorder

Final week of hydrant flushing starts today

The final week of the four-week water main flushing program by the Department of Public Works begins today through Thursday between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Water will be temporarily disturbed due to the flushing.  Avoid laundering during this period.

After flushing is complete, residents may encounter discolored or dirty water.  This condition is disturbing but will dissipate if the cold water is turned on through all interior faucets for awhile to flush out the discolored water.

For more information, call the Department of Public Works at 518-842-3691.

The flushing schedule is as follows:

Monday – Area 16 — Church Street between Prospect and East Main streets, High, Grove and Cady streets, Forbes Street between Lark and Liberty streets, Dean Street, Schuyler Street, East Main Street between Washington and Lark streets, Washington, Kennedy, Hamilton, Corey, Morris, Front streets, Columbus Avenue, Voorhees, John streets, Prospect Street between Brookside Avenue and Church Street, Norris Street, Liberty Street, Federal Place, Chuctanunda Street, Gardner Place, Cherry Street.

Tuesday – Area 17 & 18 — East Main Street between Lark Street and City line, Lark, Swan, Kline, Eagle and Lefferts streets, Vrooman Avenue between Kreisel Terrace and end, Elk, Sweeney and DeGraff streets, Sewer Plant/DPW line, Stub-end DeGraff, Forbes Street between Lark Street and end, Cramer Lane; Minaville Street between River Street and Florida Avenue, Cleveland Avenue, Race Course Road, Califano Place, Saint Paul Street, Saint John Street, Grieme Avenue, New Street, Greco Place.

Wednesday – Area 19 — River Street, Gilliland Avenue, Bridge Street, Erie Terrace., Florida Avenue between Minaville Street and Hover Avenue, Center Street, Hover Avenue, Gray, Broad, Albert, Jewett, Wright, Putman, DeWitt, Essex, Montgomery, Collins, Erie, Arch, Perkins, Vedder and  Strong streets, Florida Avenue between Hover Avenue and Mead Road, Broadway, Daniel Street, A Street, B Street, C Street, Alley 2, Queen Ann Road, Windswept Drive, East Windswept Drive, Sandy Drive, Montgomery Meadows.

Thursday — Area 20 — DeStefano Street, Verbraska Avenue, Minaville Street between Grieme Avenue and DeStefano Street, Venner Road, P.S. Street, Nolan Drive, Liberty Enterprises.