The City of Amsterdam Microenterprise Assistance Program (AMAP) will provide grants to eligible entrepreneurs and business owners that want to establish or expand an existing business located within the city.

Special attention shall be given to assisting businesses owned/operated by or employing a significant number of persons of low and moderate income, minority and women owned businesses, businesses owned or operated by Returning Veterans, and businesses located in one of Amsterdam’s downtown areas.

For information about the program, an informational meeting will be held at the Chamber of Commerce’s offices at their Riverfront Center at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 23. Additional information can be obtained at the City of Amsterdam’s web page, the Amsterdam Industrial Development Agency web page, the chamber’s web page or the Montgomery County Business Development Center’s web page.

Businesses with five or less employees or entrepreneurs who wish to start a business are eligible for a $5,000 grant if they attend four training sessions in July being held on Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. at the chamber’s offices in Amsterdam.  For businesses planning on hiring new employees, they would be eligible for another $10,000 grant for each new employee up to a total of $25,000. Applications are now available and will be distributed at the informational meeting or can be downloaded from any of the web sites.

The grant was submitted to the NYS Office of Homes and Community Renewal by the Montgomery County IDA on behalf of the City.  The grant is being administered by the City of Amsterdam IDA.

For more information, contact the Amsterdam Industrial Development Agency at 518-842-5011.