GLOVERSVILLE — The Gloversville Public Library’s Capital Campaign has received a major donation from Stewart’s Shops and the Dake Family Foundations. “That Stewart’s Shops would give $100,000 to our campaign is a clear endorsement of our renovation project and demonstrates their commitment to the communities they serve,” said campaign co-chair Elizabeth Batchelor.
Susan Dake, President of the Stewart’s Foundation, described the Library’s renovation project as vital to the community. “The renovation and expansion of the Gloversville Public Library is key to revitalizing the community and expanding fundamental education opportunities for children and families,” she said.
This is not the first time that Stewart’s Shops has been generous to the Library. Barbara Madonna, Director of the Library, noted that the Library has received donations from the Stewart’s Holiday Match program for over a decade. Stewart’s Shops donates approximately $2.5 million annually to local non-profits, an amount that is matched by the two Dake Family Foundations.
In addition to the Stewart’s Shops donation, this past fall the Library’s Capital Campaign was awarded a $2 million State and Municipal Facilities (SAM) grant by then retiring Senator Hugh Farley, which was in addition to a $250,000 SAM grant previously secured by Senator Farley, and a $75,000 commitment from the Frank E. Perrella Charitable Trust. Campaign commitments have now reached $8,127,290. “We have begun the bid process and anticipate moving to the temporary quarters in March,” Madonna said.
The renovation project will encompass the three-and-a-half half floors of the Library and its entire infrastructure, and will take up to two years to complete. “It’s a colossal but much needed undertaking,” Madonna said, noting that the Library has never been fully renovated since it opened in 1904. “Delivering 21st-century library services in a 19th-century building is a challenge,” Madonna added.
When complete, the Library will have a significantly enlarged children’s library with a dedicated programming space, full access to all floors, and a new heating and air-conditioning system to control temperature and air quality. Christine Pesses, president of the Trustees and campaign co-chair noted that the Library will become a true community center. “We will be able to hold concerts in the Carnegie Room and provide meeting space for organizations and businesses in the newly accessible upstairs rooms,” she said.
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