We launched the new Recorder website on Christmas Eve in 2016. The paywall has now been turned on and you’ll get 10 free articles a month before you will be prompted for a login or subscription. If you have an iOS device, you can download The Recorder app, but access to content is still controlled from the website and you need to have an account here.

We were able to import all of your login and expiration information from the old site. What we COULDN’T import was the passwords that you may have used, so they will have to be established again in the new site.

Move your mouse over to the Login link on the menu and then click on the Login menu item. Then, click on the Lost Password link and enter your email address.

Click on the button that says Get New Password. A link will be emailed to you – click on it and then put in your password (or use the very strong one that is suggested) and click Reset Password.

Remember: Your username and password are ALWAYS case sensitive AND your username will ALWAYS be your email address. If the lost password email sent to you has your email address in all CAPS – that’s what it is looking for.

The new site is meant to be more modern, show pictures better, work on all of the newer devices like iPhones and Android Tablets, etc.

If you have any problems, feel free to call support at 518-843-1100 ext 101 or email [email protected]