Letters to the editor

On the eve of destruction

To the editor:

It has finally happened: Amsterdam is on the brink of destruction. After all the posturing, rivalries in the council chambers, failed revitalization attempts, Amsterdam is faced with either bankruptcy or state control. At least that's what last Wednesday's edition of The Recorder stated in an article regarding the impending demise of our rotting infrastructure. As a lifelong resident, homeowner and taxpayer, I hoped that this hour would never come.

To add insult to injury, 5th Ward Alderman Richard Leggiero raised a resolution to amend a budget line error in the amount of $137,000, to which our esteemed Corporation Counsel Gerard DeCusatis stated there were insufficient funds for. Fourth Ward Alderman Dave Dybas continued to play out his role, in a historically accurate fashion, by playing the antagonist, while not providing any solutions.

And what of our mayor? She has done a great job coming up with hollow slogans, painting abandoned buildings, focusing on surface aesthetics, rather than critical needs, and commissioned flower and rock gardens with our tax dollars. Yes, Mayor Ann Thane even sanctions using federal funds to build a useless $16 million pedestrian bridge. But who has she compromised with to enact change? How has she led the city? I have a new slogan for the mayor: "Small City, Big Heart, Empty Wallet."

This is the reality of our current administration and representation in city hall. A good friend of mine once said "Amsterdam is doomed." I didn't want to believe it then, and I don't want to realize it now. Is this the best we can do? Are the citizens of this city willing to sit by and watch it happen? We need to let our voices be heard at city hall and send the mayor and this kangaroo council packing. Maybe then, we will stand a chance of surviving.

Timothy Forte,


It would be sad to lose Joe

To the editor:

I would like to tell the golf commission how sad it would be to lose Joe Merendo as golf pro.

I have a Down syndrome son, David, who, as a youngster, would watch his three brothers grab their golf clubs and go golfing at Muni as many days as they could.

So I took David and asked Joe if he could teach David to play golf and without any hesitation he said, "Of course I can." That was 20 years ago and now every summer David plays golf every Thursday and plays in many tournaments with his friends from Liberty. Joe the Pro has become a friend to David.

If Joe was gone, would we find such dedication to the job and such compassion to everyone in the community who wants to play golf?

Please rehire Joe as pro.

Mary Doris DiCaprio,


Declaring as a write-in

To the editor:

Attention 1st Ward residents: On Nov. 5, 2013, I will be asking for your vote for alderman as a declared write-in candidate.

We have lost businesses and our taxes and fee increases are hurting Montgomery County residents. Even though I am a registered Republican, my party and the Democrats are not listening to their constituents.

The city has wasted taxpayer money and we have to work together as a team. I vote for Democrats as well as Republicans. I voted for our current mayor the first time she ran.

I will watch the taxpayers' pennies and watch them grow to dollars. We have great city employees and will get my support. I have been involved in unions for 27 years and know that you don't get everything that you want.

We have an elderly population with people on fixed incomes. We can't keep taking away from the homeowner as we have to learn to live within our means.

The mayor is doing a great job knocking down the dilapidated buildings in the city but some streets are dirtier than others. We have fine restaurants and parks and sports teams.

I was born in Amsterdam and ask for your support. I won't let you down and will be there for you.

John R. "Chet" Watroba,