Letters to the editor

Take me out to the ball game

To the editor:

Once again I am at a loss regarding the actions of the new Common Council members. The latest target is Shuttleworth Park. Mr. Shuttleworth II must be turning in his grave at the current events targeting such an intricate part of the city of Amsterdam. In researching Mr. Shuttleworth, I read that he served as president and director of the Amsterdam Professional Baseball Corp., a New York Yankee affiliate, and vice president of the Canadian American Baseball League. The man loved baseball, I say.

Well, council, there are a great deal of people here in Amsterdam that love baseball, too. Does anyone remember going to a game there with their dad or their grandpa? Spending quality time and creating wonderful memories? Yes, even today many families gather together to see a great game of baseball at the Shuttleworth Park. Not only do Amsterdam families participate, but many families from other communities travel to Amsterdam to see the games. This is another jewel of the city that has succumbed to politics. What a shame. What is wrong with improving a city park that the young and the old truly enjoy? Based on hearsay, you are willing to destroy the smiles of the children, the happiness of the families that spend time together, grandpa and grandma spending time with their grandchildren. You cannot place a price tag on that.

The Shuttleworth project is ready to go. Funding is in place, the engineering work has been completed, and the contractors are ready to being working. Have you taken a look at how hard everyone involved with the project has worked? Have you spoken to all the volunteers that have dedicated their time and efforts? Baseball season is just around corner and now with this new detour, I ask, will there be baseball in Shuttleworth Park this upcoming season?

Right now, your concern should be focused on the upcoming budget process, the current financial situation of the city and working with the mayor to get the golf course up and running for this season.

Let's play ball.

Irene Collins,


Who are the dictators?

To the editor:

Mr. Zarecki should reread all of the articles concerning the conflict between Mayor Thane and the Common Council regarding the golf course, then maybe he would get a clearer picture of who the dictators really are.

Mr. Zarecki's letter (The Recorder, March 17) stated that the mayor is a dictator. In my opinion, Mayor Thane is looking out for the city of Amsterdam and the taxpayers of Amsterdam just as she stated. She does not have a personal vendetta against Mr. Merendo. The golf course should be able to maintain itself financially. Taxpayer money should not be used to finance the golf course.

Mr. Zarecki, dictators do not compromise. However, the mayor was willing to compromise. She offered to let Mr. Merendo remain in his position as the golf pro, but have Mr. Scott, who was chosen by the golf commission, manage the gold course.

After discussing the mayor's offer with Mr. Merendo, the Common Council was steadfast in keeping the status quo regardless of the financial issues and the drop in membership at the golf course. According to what I have read in The Recorder, the Common Council has refused to compromise and work with the mayor right from their first meeting in January as a new council.

That is why this "nasty thing," as Mr. Zarecki refers to it, is happening. In my opinion, they are the dictators.

Marilyn Andrews,