Main Street

Published Sept. 28, 1933

No Longer in Our Alley.

Of course you've heard of Sally Rand

Whose World Fair dance just beat the band

At good old Chi. Whoopie!

She had her fans, but not enough.

The naughty mans, they liked her stuff.

And those darn cops. Oh, gee!

They took her in, a prisoner,

And didn't have a thing on her.

(Nor not a thing had she.)

It looks like Sally's goin' to jail,

Where all the fans can send their mail.

In one year she'll be free.


As before noted many times in this department, almost anything is liable to happen in the Phillips street section. Some of the old settlers have been there for so long that they feel free to disregard the conventions of the other parts of the city and the outside world. It's a state of mind they get into -- sometimes surprisingly fast.

About the latest newcomer to the section is now getting talked about, and with good reason, too. Naturally the neighbors don't know too much about him and his wife (they'll find out soon enough, though) and when they heard that terrible racket the other night they were a bit frightened. Ordinary loud conversation is one thing and shouting is another.

It's all right for the head of a house (assuming that a man is the head -- very frequently he isn't) to tell the missus what to do, but when it becomes necessary for him to yell such brutal commands as "Step on it" and "Dig in there" and "Rotten! Try that over again" then it's time for the neighbors to stand ready for a call for help.

But help wasn't needed that night. So they found out after a very discreet investigation. That newcomer is the coach of the Amsterdam High school football team and he was just trying out a few new plays all by his lonesome in the front room. And, take it from me, if those harsh commands can throw as much terror into the opposition of the local gridiron squad as it did into that neighborhood the other night, then we are going to have SOME football victories this season.


Here is a pair of angling items that show well known fishermen of the valley as they really are when out with boots, rod and line -- not as they tell it. Gus Ische has been for years one of the most reliable bait carriers in Fort Plain. When Gus said he was going to take care of the bait, the others in the party knew that was the end of part of the worry. His reputation got a terrible jolt Tuesday night, however, when a group drove 27 miles and jumped out of the machine to hear Gus say to K.O. Barton: "Gee! What do you know? I forgot to bring the bait."

But that isn't much worse than a recent happening to Messrs. Beebe and Wilde of the Fort Johnson filling station. They went way up to Lake Champlain for their fish. And they got 'em, for two days. A lot of beauties. They were so happy that they became excited. Their joy was ended when they reached Fort Johnson and remembered -- remembered that they had left the fish in an icebox up at Lake Champlain.


Many Fultonville residents looked sleepy today and the fact of the matter is that they didn't get much rest last night. They take their caucuses seriously in the town of Glen and while to outside appearances these meetings are about the same as others held in communities up and down the valley, there is a great difference.

That little jockeying relative to the position of town clerk is worthy of comment. Ray Donaldson is a Republican and the morning papers say that he was nominated by both parties last night. And what a howl went up from sleepy-eyed Democrats this morning when they read that. They did not endorse Ray, they claim. Of course they didn't put up a candidate against him (that matter being given a convenient sidetracking to a committee to fill vacancies) but that must not be interpreted to mean that they think Donaldson ought to be the next town clerk. They are not for Ray unless ...

The Republicans, too, had a tough session last night. The morning papers printed the caucus the way it might have been not the way it really was. Charley Lathers, f'rinstance, was not nominated as superintendent of highways. Charley Baird was. And Baird is a disciple of Jefferson, a Democrat who went into a Republican caucus and beat a Republican 43 to 31. Old timers of the G. O. P. who recovered consciousness this morning were heard to mutter something about it not "bein' legal." But, I think it was legal, and in addition to that it was gol darned clever. Most Fultonville politics is.