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Golden Jubilee Data.

Supplementing the historical sketch given by Miss Marjorie Bronk in connection with the observance of the golden jubilee of the present First Methodist edifice, it may be of interest to note the names and dates of pastorates of some clergymen whose ministrations antedated the Division street structure.

Among those who directed the activities of the congregation when worship was held in the Market Street church (it stood a short distance south of the present Guy Park Avenue corner) were: The Rev. Erastus Wentworth, 1871; the Rev. Joseph K. Cheesman, 1873; the Rev. Horace C. Grant, 1874; the Rev. Samuel McLaughlin, 1877.

And from the same contributor who supplies the above data comes the missing information as to the location of the residence of Dr. D.W. Dayton and two preceding pastors. They resided at 39 Division street.


The little white fluffs of moisture that made valley residents feel that winter was nigh were nothing compared to what was seen only a short distanced north of here. As I write this, a car from the Piseco section is parked on the lot next to the office and the driver is quite willing to admit that he has seen plenty of winter already. About ten inches of snow on the top of the sedan tells an interesting story and the traveler from the north says that the snowplows are out on the Piseco highways. Br-r-r-r-r-r-! Just to look at that car makes it seem colder.


Best of the early winter yarns is the sad case of "Bus" Danby of the telephone company. All the morning calls on Wednesday were for outside work and the swirling zephyrs that are commonly met in high places caused him to mutter dire threats against Jack Frost and the rest of the elements. There were frantic calls for hot soup and Java when he came in for the noon luncheon.

The first afternoon call was an installation at the Wilson Packing Company. "Ah, a break at last," muttered the thawed-out one as he glanced over the prospects of an inside job. He dashed for the meat house.

"Yes, it's an inside job," they told him when he arrived there, "but it isn't going to be so much warmer for you at that. We want an extension into the refrigerator."


All men are just the opposite

Of guns they use in war.

The smaller made the caliber.

The bigger is the bore.


"If you want to get some good sob stories for your column, you should interview some of those Christmas gift sob-sisters who tell heart-rending tales as they go around selling everything from greeting cards to silk stockings," said a local merchant the other day when I asked him if he had anything good in the news line.

"If this thing is allowed to continue," he went on, "we merchants will have to start spinning pathetic yarns, too. And don't let anyone tell you that we don't know them. One look at the 'bills payable' file and there is enough inspiration for a hundred stories. What burns me most of the NRA pleas of these emergency gift-sellers. Where do they fit late the recovery program?"

And in that there seems to be food for thought. Does anyone know just where the peddler with so-called NRA sanction fits into the New Deal? Are these trumps or jokers they are playing?


They are telling it as a happening in a small community not so far from here. The telephone in a dentist's office rang and it was answered by the wife of the D.D.S. After several dates for an appointment had been suggested as the most convenient to the patient, the missus announced that it had to be some time Friday.

"Oh," the patient inquired, "then the doctor will not be in his office either Thursday or Saturday?"

"Yes," came the reply, "he will be here all this week, but Friday is his birthday and if it isn't too much trouble, I wish that you would help me surprise him."


Originally published October 26, 1933.