Our leaders should be ashamed

As members of the United States Congress continue to receive paychecks for successfully sending home indefinitely without pay hundreds of thousands of federal employees, while simultaneously grinding the world's most powerful, immeasurably embarrassing government to a rust-coated halt, we remain confident in our long-held opinion that these egomaniacal, bloviating dunderheads are paid for no good reason, earn little to none of the salary they continue to receive, and should be ashamed of a performance they blindly and inexplicably believe is justified.

If disgust could be measured in dollars, we'd be the federal deficit.

Some members of Congress have said they won't accept paychecks during the shutdown. Bully for you. Most of them will, however, thanks to the foresight of the 27th Amendment to the Constitution, which stipulates that the salaries of the House and Senate cannot change until a congressional election has come and gone. Members of both chambers currently make $174,000.

Members of Congress serve whom? (Their own bloated egos.) And for what purpose? (To justify their existence.) So how can they not be embarrassed every time they step before a bank of microphones to complain because the other guys are doing it wrong?

The most recent government shutdown, which began at midnight and is the first since 1995, is being termed a "partial" shutdown -- not because those breaking the rules will continue to receive paychecks (which they will), but because the "essential" employees (air traffic controllers, border patrol agents, and most food inspectors) will still get paid. Members of the military will also still receive their pittance, thanks to legislation signed by President Obama.

And while Democrats say the government shutdown is the fault of the Republicans and the Republicans say it is the fault of the Democrats, the Senate says the House is to blame and the House points a crooked finger at the Senate, we say just shut up. Need we remind these over-paid fops that they are all to blame?

They were chosen to lead, they have failed to do so, and they have proven to be unaccountable.

Much is made of our magnificent democracy, this wonderful experiment called the United States of America, and the seldom appreciated yet constantly relied upon freedoms we all enjoy. And how we need to make sure this revered form of governing it is forced down the throats of every world nation that can only dream of how lucky we are to have it as good as we do.

Truth is, we do have it pretty good.

Until you pick up today's newspaper, flip on tonight's nightly news, or slide open the push notification from your favorite news app, and see angry-looking men in expensive suits, partially blocked by a microphone or 20, standing in front of a posse of like-minded, sour-pussed, frowning lemmings in equally expensive attire, talking about how ashamed they are of their counterparts for letting such a thing happen.

Then you realize, we have it pretty good ... despite the efforts of our chosen leaders.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Every one of them. But they're not.

And until they admit it, fix it, and get back to the regular business of poking each other in the eye, throwing cream pies, and nyuk-nyuk-nyukking through yet another sound bite, we don't want to hear another word.

We're disgusted and tired. Get over yourselves.