Letters to the Editor

Vigil being planned for Kellisue Ackernecht

To the editor:

An invitation in faith, hope and love -- a vigil for missing person Kellisue Kilcullin Ackernecht.

Look in the cellar, look in the tunnel. In the lake, in the woods. Look at the husband, look at the boyfriend, and even look at a serial killer. Look in Utica, look in Northville. He did it, she did it. She ran off, he took her off. She was hit, she was bruised, she was loved.

These are the words that the family of missing woman Kellisue Kilcullin Ackernecht hears on a daily basis. Imagine the tears, the frustration, the drama and the pain that the family has gone through since their loved one simply just vanished.

Vanished is the easiest way to explain what happened to Kellisue Ackernecht, who left her job at Rite Aid in Amsterdam on Sept. 30, 2008, at 9:35 p.m. and who was never heard of again ... from anyone. The story goes from simple to heartbreaking. The Ackernechts' car was found engulfed in flames approximately three hours later in the area known as Frog Hollow, off of West Mont-gomery Street in Johnston just minutes from her home. Authorities never found a body. Heartbreaking leaving a daughter, husband, family and friends behind not ever having answers, never being heard from again.

In the past, Kellisue had been employed by not only Rite Aid but Dunkin Donuts, Burger King and as a teacher's aid as well, and on Sept. 30, 2012, the family and friends will be coming together for a time that is set up not to speculate the whos and the wheres but to share the love, kindness and peace within a community -- the once sleepy town of Amsterdam and Johnstown.

The family invites the community to come to Rite Aid on Market Street in Amsterdam at 9:45 on Sept. 30, 2012, for a start of a vigil that will be continued to Frog Hollow in Johnstown. The friends and family will start with a prayer and a candle lighting vigil which starts in Amsterdam and will be completed in Johnstown because this is the beginning and the end of that eve four years ago. The color for the night is purple in awareness for domestic violence which also was Kelli's favorite color.

The website www.findkellisue.com is a place for history, a place for tips, and a place the family would like you to be enlightened. One tip can mean all the difference in this life, in this world.

Answers and question for the past 1,424 days Kelli has been missing will be quiet on the eve of Sept. 30, this night is about Kelli's memory. As scripture says, "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." And in memory that is all the family has.

Karen McCullough,

Spring Hill, Fla.

Inmates are running the asylum

To the editor:

I have just completed watching both political conventions. As the last one ended, I was informed through the media that we had just funded Pakistan to the tune of $2 billion for humanitarian aid. Unless I am mistaken, this is the same Pakistan which had Osama bin Laden hiding out near a police station and a military base. Not for a weekend but ... for five and a half years. It's nice to have friendly neighbors.

So I switched to Afghanistan and I see where we provided them with training equipment and weapons for their fight against al-Qaida. In return, at the Dover base air field in Delaware, they sent us some body bags that I believe contained American soldiers. In the meantime, Karzai has ripped off several million dollars for his own personal use. So much for that.

Gov. Corzine has apparently been cleared of any wrongdoing in the disappearance of half a billion dollars. It seems things were so confusing when he accepted this assignment that no one can be held responsible for replacing this sum of money which the justice department views as "chump change."

The president has raised over $100 million and Gov. Romney has raised even more. There is a rumor, mind you, just a rumor, that Gov. Romney bought a kid for his dog to play with. Money isn't everything -- after all, I believe a man with $6 million is just as happy as a man with $12 million.

As for my own financial status, if I could go from Amsterdam around the world and the price for this was $4, I couldn't get out of sight.

Mr. Holder has assigned two of his deputies to investigate him. I'm sure if they find any illegal activities in "Fast and Furious," they will report them to either Oprah Winfrey or Jerry Springer.

I can't get over two men with IQs above 160 spending two years bad-mouthing each other and not offering any plausible solution to this "horror show" we now accept.

I was particularly thrilled by Joe Biden's bumper sticker -- "Osama bin Laden is dead but General Motors is still alive." They should have finished the sentence by telling us that GM still owes the taxpayer over $30 billion which we will never see.

It's odd that when Biden's name comes up, the word "plagiarism" never follows, but that's the Democratic way they used when they nominated the senator from Missouri for VP, never checking with mental health authorities. When you seek public office, clean your closet. If you wet the bed when you were 11 years old it will come out.

I am 85 years old, so according to the actuary tables, by the time the next election occurs, I should be underground. I will leave this world the same way I came in: bald headed, no teeth and wearing a diaper. But I can't bring myself to vote in this election because the inmates are running the asylum.

James Sheridan,