Amsterdam golf commission meeting to reach agreement


Recorder News Staff

As the November 1 concessionaire and golf pro contract expiration date creeps closer, the Amsterdam Golf Commission has begun meeting more regularly to come to a mutual agreement.

"We have been talking a lot about putting out a request for proposal for a company or an individual that wanted to manage the concessionaire and the pro as one," said Mike Bucciferro, chairman of the commission.

He said the commission maintains the right to contract each together or separately and they do not have a preference.

"I don't think [we do,]" he said. "I think we'll see what comes out of this RFP (Request for Proposal.) If someone answers back that we think is a person that we want, we would certainly entertain that."

The commission has prepared proposals for a minimum bid and a total course bid to be released nationwide, though they would prefer the offer to be taken by an area company or individual.

"Locally meaning within a hundred miles," Bucciferro said. "I think we'll get ample people interested in it. If the thought is that we don't, we can expand the search, like any other businesses would."

The commission declined to hire a general manager to oversee the golf course, because the city requires it to be a city employee, against the commission's wishes.

It also rejected an idea to employ a full management firm to run the course.

"We're working on it while we talk, so it's kind of a work in progress," he said. "There were some RFPs we looked at from different states, from New Jersey, from all over the country, and we're trying to take the best verbiage from these RFPs throughout the whole country and mesh them together for the Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course."

Bucciferro said the responses may include a golf cart company, though they have looked at several companies already. The profits for the golf carts would benefit the golf course revenue stream.

With the looming contract expiration date, the commission hasn't decided if it will sign with Five Star Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles, a golf cart company that presented its product to the commission last month.

"That seems to be the least of our problems as of right now," Bucciferro said. "We have the contracts that are coming to a quick end, so I really need to present the direction we're in to the Common Council September 3."

Bucciferro said the commission probably won't have all its 'T's crossed and 'I's dotted, but it will be able to update them about its request for proposals.

"We would love to have the RFP ready and hand it to them at that date. I don't think it's going to be done at that date, but at least we can talk about the direction of what we're really thinking of doing."

He said the commission's goal is to advertise to potential companies during mid-September, to hopefully meet the November 1 goal.

The next golf commission meeting will be during the Sept. 3 Common Council meeting.